Monday, May 10, 2010

Will feminists ask for equal opportunities in such deadly jobs?

Refer to news below about death of miners in Russia in dangerous mines.

Rescuers were searching desperately for 58 people still missing in a Russian coal mine yesterday as the death toll from twin methane blasts rose to 32.

Hopes were fading of finding survivors more than 450 metres underground at the Raspadskaya pit in Siberia, Russia’s largest underground mine. Eighteen of the victims have been rescuers who died in the second explosion on Sunday after going in search of miners trapped by the first blast late on Saturday.

Twelve miners died and 71 were hurt in that explosion as 370 people worked underground at the mine in the Kemerovo region. Sergei Shoigu, the Emergency Situations Minister, said that the body of the 31st victim, a rescue worker, had been recovered as a large-scale search mission resumed.

The feminists take great pains to point out statistics about why there is still less percentage of women CEOs in corporations, why women are being denied powerful jobs, there is a glass ceiling blah blah… They never seem to highlight the fact that even today, most of the deadly, dangerous, life-threatening, debilitating jobs are done by men and which do not pay any great amounts either!

Men who become CEOs also have to go through years of grind, being away from family on travel, miss out on life beyond work, to be able to have a chance at reaching that position.  It is not served to them on a platter simply because of their gender.  But for feminists, the logic of female supremacy reigns supreme, that just by her gender, a woman should be entitled to equal outcomes, irrespective of whether she is willing to put up same amount of work or travel to reach a top job.

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