Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man gets divorce confirmation from Mumbai HC after 18 years

So if you are a man and want divorce, pray that your wife breaks into your house after alleging you are having extra-marital affair, and hopefully in your lifetime you will be granted divorce by supreme court, err high court in this case.  Surely things are improving for men since Supreme Court’s Justice Katju’s comment to a husband who had applied for divorce: “you have waited for 17 years, you can wait for few more months”.

Mina’s act of breaking into Amit’s house and alleging that he was having an extramarital affair were enough to prove the charge of cruelty, the court said. “The appellant [Mina] must have obviously caused tremendous hardship, inconvenience, unnecessary expenses, and mental anguish to the respondent,” the judges said in their order. “Such conduct would definitely constitute cruelty.”

Mina said she wanted to live with Amit, but the court observed that the couple had been living separately for 18 years, of which 10 were under the same roof.

Upholding the family court’s order granting divorce, the judges said, “The conduct of preventing the respondent from entering the matrimonial home is not the conduct of a wife who wants the marriage to be continued. Similar is the conduct of making unprovoked false allegations of an extramarital affair.”

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indian men facing domestic violence in New Zealand from wives

I found this story interesting in the sense that it is like an analogy to those stories of women being married to men in another country and then being made to work like slaves, and not given due respect.  Well, don’t blame everything on men.  See for yourselves what kind of abuse unscrupulous women are capable of:

Male victims speak out on marriage abuse

29/03/2010 13:16:00 Venkat Raman

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only victims of family violence, failed or fraudulent marriages. An increasing number of men are beginning to speak out with horrifying tales of misuse and abuse, including false complaints to the Police.

Following our front-page story, India moves to end fraudulent marriages published in our March 1, 2010 issue, a number of male readers of Indian Newslink have contacted us to narrate their predicament, seeking justice from the Governments of New Zealand and India, stating that they are at their wits end.

While we have reason to believe the veracity of their statements, we have protected their identity for obvious reasons.

Wellington based Paramjit (not his real name) told us of the `extreme verbal and physical abuse' that he suffered soon after migrating to New Zealand from his native India where he married a Fiji-born woman resident in this country.

"I worked hard to keep my wife and my parents-in-law (joint family) happy. I soon adopted myself to the domestic and professional environment. Although I earn high income compared to many other people of Indian origin, I was subject to ridicule and humiliation both at home and in public by my wife. She often told me that I was useless and that it was due to her grace and mercy that I live in New Zealand," he said.

Paramjit said his life took a turn for the worse, when his parents from India came to live in New Zealand following the birth of his daughter.

"My wife started misbehaving with them as well. She made them do all the homework, look after our child – she started treating them like slaves. Whenever I questioned her behaviour, she would threaten that she would complain to the Police and have me arrested for domestic violence," he said.

Paramjit said the abuse became so unbearable that he once contemplated suicide.

He recently left his wife to live with his parents.

There are at least three such cases in Wellington, currently under our investigation.

East Auckland resident Ramesh (not his real name) had a similar experience.

The young man, from Karnataka in South India, married a young woman, born and raised in New Zealand, hoping for a happier life.

He has a successful career as an engineer, but at home, he is a nervous wreck.

"This person, who calls herself a woman, has no love or care for me and our only male child, who is now three years old. I have been married for five years now, but life is hell. I do all the housework, including cooking, washing and cleaning, after a long day at work. Sometimes I do shift duty but that does not mean a thing at home. I still have to do all the work," he said.

He said his wife liked to have parties at home with friends and their families at least once a month, at each of which he becomes an object of ridicule.

"She takes great pleasure in announcing to her friends that I am a good-for-nothing man and that she had made the greatest mistake in marrying me. I have often talked to her about divorce but she simply does not care. I continue to suffer," he said.

Ramesh has not contemplated leaving the house and living separately, for fear of upsetting his aged parents in India.

But the case of Satish (not his real name) in Central Auckland was among the worst that we have heard during our interviews.

Born and raised in a poor family in India, Satish was married to a rich woman of Indian origin in New Zealand less than a year ago.

"I came to this country on a visitor visa to live with my wife, her parents and three brothers. Three days after my arrival, I was asked to do all the housework. I obtained a work permit with the help of a friendly neighbour. They would still not help me in cooking and washing. My wife and I have a joint bank account and I do not get a cent for personal expenses. Life is hell," he said.

Ayesha Siddiqui could have tried trapping other men in past

And after news of demand of 1.5 crore (the 10% cut) from Ayesha Siddiqui, the saga deepens further:

Ayesha Siddiqui could have framed other men too in past

Chicago-based businessman Feroze Jalal says Ayesha Siddiqui is no pained wife, and that she tried to con him the same way she ‘framed’ Shoaib Malik.

Hyderabad is my hometown —which I will soon be visiting, probably in June. I’m currently settled in Chicago with my wife. When I read the news about Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and his alleged link up with the Hyderabad based-Ayesha Siddiqui, what immediately struck me was the name of the woman — since I’ve known her, and had a similar experience, many years back. And in light of that experience, I feel that Ayesha may well have framed Shoaib. What has happened with Shoaib is very sad, and I can understand it better than most because I have gone through similar trauma, because of what Ayesha had done with me a few years back.

In 1997, while I was in Jeddah, I started receiving some crank calls on my phone. I found out that it was my ex-girlfriend’s friend who was making the calls. I then got to know her name —Ayesha Siddiqui. Yes, the same Ayesha who supposedly has just ‘divorced’ Shoaib Malik.

I was only 20 years old at that time. I would keep getting these crank calls everyday. Finally, I decided to speak to her. She introduced herself as Ayesha Siddiqui. Slowly, we both started talking. Sometimes, we’d talk over the phone for hours and hours. She has a typical Pakistani accent. One day, I asked her if she would meet me, and she readily agreed. We decided to meet at a super mall in Jeddah. When I reached the mall and waited for her, a slim, beautiful girl walked up to me and introduced herself, saying, ‘Hi, I’m Ayesha.” We sat and chatted for some time, but after she left, I realised that her voice didn’t sound the same as it did on the phone. I had my doubts. I therefore got in touch with one of my friends, who was Ayesha’s neighbour. His description of Ayesha was very different from what the girl I had met looked like, and he also told me that the girl who had come to meet me at the mall was not Ayesha, but a friend of hers. The next time that I asked Ayesha to meet me, she didn’t turn up at all.

On the phone, Ayesha would cry, and ask me to marry her all the time, and I would refuse. She was crazy and madly in love with me, or so I thought. I finally got irritated of all this and stopped attending her calls. Our relationship lasted only for about six months.

Finally, later, I got to know about Ayesha’s real identity, her family, etc, through a common friend. I got to know that she had been calling other boys too, and talking to them the same way, and trying to somehow force them to marry her. In fact, one of my close friends, whom I’ll just call K (since his family doesn't know about all this), who was at that time staying in Hyderabad, had started receiving similar crank calls from Ayesha. When I told K about Ayesha, he also gave up talking to her. He is now, fortunately, happily married and settled in Australia.

I strongly feel that Ayesha needs proper medication. She seems normal to speak to at first, but she is not quite a ‘normal’ personality. I think she is just looking for fame and money. What appears stranger is that her parents seem to be supporting her in all this. She has probably trapped Shoaib and framed him.

And yes, I’m saying this all on record, as my wife is fully aware of this episode.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Women organisations and Domestic Violence industry exposed in Shoaib Malik case

So you could never believe that many claims of domestic violence by women are nothing but a way to extort money from men using helpful legal fraternity, media, and judiciary to their advantage?  You need proof, right?  You are an intelligent person, who can think for themselves, and you care enough for women empowerment to waste your time listening to this lunatic fringe of so called men rights activists who have coined the phrase domestic violence industry?  So read the story below.

Mediators in Shoaib-Ayesha settlement want share of 15-cr pie

People who came across as well-wishers during her moment of crisis are turning tormentors for Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik's first wife Ayesha Siddiqui. Reason: They think Ayesha made Rs 15 crore from her ex-husband Shoaib Malik and they want their pound of flesh.

Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front, who had filed a suit with the State Human Rights Commission on Ayesha's behalf, says she expects 10 per cent of the rumoured Rs 15 crore settlement for her crucial role in resolving the crisis.

Kyon paisa paisa karti hai? Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front said she wants the money for her organisation, not herself. Pic/AFP

"I don't want money for myself. All I want is a donation for our organisation, which is fighting for vulnerable women like Ayesha. I heard that Shoaib gave Rs 15 crore to Ayesha before he signed the divorce papers. If this is true, at least 10 per cent of the amount should be donated to our organisation," said Shiraj Khan.

So she does not want money for herself, but donation for her organisation!  Great, such selfless thoughts on her part, right?  DEAD WRONG.  This is exactly how the domestic violence industry works.  These women organisations ‘help’ women to file false cases of domestic violence, child abuse, any worse possible cruelty you can dream about which can be done to women/children.  They again ‘help’ during the extortion negotiations and take their cut or share of the final money paid by the hostage who pays the ransom to free himself/ family members from false cases.  You will never know how that money will be divided amongst the members of that women organisations.  Basically, a few top members along with some lawyers probably will take the lion’s share of the whole sum.  The rest will go to fund propaganda, organise activism etc to ensure that more women in future can be attracted to approach this woman organisation and can be ‘helped’ in similar ways.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hyderabad police scores international 498a

So finally it is out!  In the Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza-Ayesha Siddiqui episode, Ayesha has settled for maintenance Rs 5,000 per month (really!)…. and her mother is very happy that “justice has been done”.  As if you will go to international media with all your gory details of fornications (if there was no marriage then it is fornication as per Pakistani law) in star hotels, then miscarriage -- all to get Rs 5,000 of maintenance for 3 months!

The real deal is given in news below… 15 crores was the price

Shoaib-Ayesha settle at 15 crores

Following late night negotiations spearheaded by several Muslim leaders from the Congress, including cricketer-cum-Member of Parliament Mohammad Azharuddin, Andhra Pradesh Minorities Welfare Minister Mohammed Ahmadullah, and Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Abid Rasool Khan, the matter was resolved and Ayesha's family will withdraw all cases against Shoaib lodged with Hyderabad police. Officially, Ayesha will get Rs 5,000 as mehr for three months during the Iddat period as her alimony according to the Shariat law. The Siddiqui family emphatically denies any additional money changing hands but sources close to the family have told this newspaper that Shoaib has agreed to pay Rs 12 crore directly to Ayesha and her family and another Rs 3 crore towards sundry ‘costs.’

And Hyderabad police has added a feather to their cap by consummating their highest (probably) amount exchanged in a 498a extortion.  For your information, here is the official information of Hyderabad police where they tell women in most ‘helpful’ manner on when NOT to file 498a on husband to help prevent abuse of 498a.  They have termed it as women’s corner. You get the idea!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Congress and BJP MPs scuttle seat reservation for women

This had to happen, but it took that long because no-one in their stupid political correct mind (read: cowardly mind) could take on the notion that women empowerment and women reservation in parliament need not be done by trampling on democratic rights of people to contest elections, and citizens to choose their candidates.

Congress left isolated on women's quota

NEW DELHI: The women's bill seems to be going nowhere. On Monday, BJP offered to consider the option of letting political parties implement the 33% quota while Congress's own allies Trinamool Congress, NCP and National Conference urged that the objections of Yadav leaders should not be brushed aside.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, while reiterating the party's support for the quota bill, told an all-party meeting that if unanimity could be built on political parties implementing the quota by way of ticket distribution, with the process being overseen by the Election Commission, the BJP was prepared to consider such an option.

So finally a large party like BJP has woken to the realities that whatever nonsense the media might spread about women empowerment through seat reservation, the right way to ensure women representation in parliament is by political parties ensuring at time of ticket allocation to enough women candidates!

If the BJP positioning -- perhaps a reflection of deep discontent among its Lok Sabha MPs -- was a surprise, Congress's allies like Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee batted strongly for the Yadavs, urging that interests of the "weaker sections" not be overlooked. With NCP and National Conference also chipping in, government does not seem to be in a position to bring the bill to Lok Sabha.

Finally some men in parliament said enough is enough and we can’t allow our seats to be taken away from us after doing the hard work (or so we hope) in nurturing the constituency.

The BJP's shift seems dictated by a virtual vertical split in the saffron outfit against the quota legislation. But it strikes a chord with male MPs across party lines like Congress who may not speak in the open. It also aligned the party with Shiv Sena which made a similar plea.

Ha ha … a politician is a politician, and there are so many males in parliament that they had to get together to scuttle the bill.  It is really the male members of Congress and BJP who have come together on the issue and BJP has been made the face of this new suggestion.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shoaib episode: Indian feminists rubbing their hands with glee

In Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik episode, some people think about it as marriage of celebrities, some think about whether it will do something good to Indo-Pak relations and so on.  But there is a curious species on this planet which only seems to be interested in getting men behind bars – and you guessed it right, it goes by the name Indian feminists.

Friends find Siddiqui family’s tactics strange

From the above news story, this is what a women’s organisation representative has to say:

Women activists Deccan Herald spoke to agree it is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.

It is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.  Am I surprised?  When were feminists dealing with issues of substance, except heaping insults and hatred on men in general in the name of injustice to women?  Further this is what a woman who works for tribal women and children has to say:

Dr Rukmini Rao who heads Gramya that works amidst tribal women and children said if Ayesha is to be believed that she had undergone mental torture as Shoaib wanted her to lose weight, then under Indian law he could be arrested.

So this woman and child empowerment expert thinks in her expert opinion that if an Indian man wants wife to lose weight, then her wife is right in filing a “mental torture” (better known as IPC 498a) case on husband, and husband can be arrested!  Bravo…. hope you are doing some real good work for the tribal women and children.

“If Shoaib was an ordinary citizen, if he was not a cricketing star and and not a Muslim, he would be behind bars.What he has done is absolutely illegal and unwarranted. Being an icon he should set an example,” she said.

So the feminists have given away their secret sauce which they use to repress Indian men’s freedoms and liberty.  One – you should be ordinary citizen, Two – you should not be cricketing star, Three – you should not be a Muslim; and going by these criteria at least 80% of Indian men will be eligible for special treatment made for men by Indian feminazis.  There you have the perfect ingredients for any Indian woman to torture and repress his husband using Indian laws and judiciary to her advantage.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indira Jaising with her feminazi logic, read and appreciate

The additional solicitor general of India, Indira Jaising who is also a prominent feminazi writes about women in parliament, but the article betrays the warped and perverse mentality of all feminists.

Tomorrow we will see the power of women in Parliament

It came as a shock to me that in most developed countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, women constitute not more than 5 per cent of elected representatives in parliamentary bodies.

I also learnt that women do not receive equal pay for equal work in these countries.

Indeed, while reporting on the Netherlands, the minister said that women 'choose' home-based part-time work as part of their right to choose to stay home with their children!

Go easy on the exclamation mark woman.  It is a woman’s choice how she wants to divide her time between work and children.

On the other hand, Rwanda, which had emerged out of genocide and would be expected to be backward by all economic parameters, had 58 per cent women as elected representatives in parliament.

This was thanks to the provision in their constitution for reservation for women. It was then that I realised that there was no relationship between development and gender justice and that development does not necessarily lead to equality for women.

Development leads to more prosperity and opportunity for everyone including women, but the feminazis are usually worried only about female supremacy and not really justice for females.

Critics there too argued that they would have to appoint 'escort girls' to the board, as men here argue that women in panchayats would have pati-panchs deputing for them as an argument against reservations. These and many others are self-serving arguments, intended to preserve privilege.

Henceforth all privileges will be granted only to female supremacists, who have no accountability except they were females by birth and it is their privilege to have privileges by way of their gender.

We have finally woken up to the realisation that the demands of equal representation for women cannot be denied for another century or more. An equal society means a society in which men and women have equal opportunity in all walks of life, including political representation.

Funny you should say equal opportunity, when a man cannot stand for election from reserved seats for women, but a woman can fight election either on reserved seat or on open seats.  It will be equal opportunity when there were reserved seats for men too!

The sheer numbers of women to be seen in Parliament in the very near future will form a critical mass, never before seen in any country in the world save a few which have chosen the path of reservation for women.

And the feminists are secretly gloating that what they could never do in US or Europe, they may be able to do in India.

Feminists’ myths about domestic violence being busted

Newer Perspectives on Domestic Violence

That domestic violence is a preserve of men is demolished by this data on lesbian couples:

Nor is the incidence of DV among lesbian cohorts minimal. In fact, abuse among lesbians occurs with far greater frequency than among heterosexuals (given as 24% by the study above), and far more frequently than male-on-female abuse. Estimates of abuse have ranged between 47% and 73% (Coleman, 1990; Bologna, Waterman, Dawson, 1987; Lie. et al. 1991) among lesbian subjects who responded to questionnaires assessing prevalence of some form of physical, sexual, or emotional-psychological abuse in at least one relationship. Estimates of verbal abuse in lesbian relationships have been as high as 95% (Kelly & Warshafsky, 1987). About half of lesbian subjects who participated in research surveys indicated they had experienced 10 or more abusive incidents during their relationships, and about three-quarters had experienced 6 or more (Renzetti 1992).

That men are more aggressive than women is probably only a convenient stereotype associated with physical aggression of men.  The study has to say this about differences in aggression behaviour between men and women:

In a paper from the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Anne Conway6 summarizes her important study on “Girls, Aggression, and Emotion Regulation” as follows: “Many studies have demonstrated that boys are more aggressive than girls (see J.D. Cole & K. Dodge, 1997, for a review) and that emotion regulation difficulties are associated with problematic behaviours. However, recent findings indicate that gender differences in aggressive behaviour disappear when assessments are broadened to include relational aggression—behaviours designed to harm the relationship goals of others by spreading rumours, gossiping, and eliciting peer rejection of others (The author has heard the term “Soul Murder” given to such behaviours and the results can often be deadly.) Moreover, although difficulties regulating emotions have been reported for physically aggressive children, little research has examined these processes in relationally aggressive children.”

And goes on to demolish the myth of women being always peacemakers and men always being violent from point of view of anthropology:

In her seminal study, Male and Female, the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead14 states the following: “There are even those who have argued that women are inherently more peaceful than men. On further examination, it would seem that there is little evolutionary basis for this argument. There seems very little ground for claiming that the mother of young children is more peaceful, more responsible, and more thoughtful for the welfare of the human race than is her husband and brother.”