Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man seeks maintenance from live-in partner

It is a a sign that Indian men are not taking it lying down.  A man in Hyderabad has asked for monthly maintenance from his working live-in partner of 10 years, relying on a recent Supreme Court judgment which allowed maintenance to a woman from her live-in partner.  It is to be noted that there is as yet no provision in Indian law for maintenance to a man from live-in partner, but it is a sign that men are asserting their rights based on what is available to women.  If a woman in live-in relationship is allowed to get same benefits as a married woman, then why the same logic can’t be applicable to a man?


HYDERABAD: Giving gender equality a fresh twist, a jobless man has sought Rs 8,000 a month as alimony from his 'gainfully' employed partner.

This gender bender case, which has landed at the Andhra Pradesh High Court, however, gets even more curiouser in its detail. The couple in question are not legally wedded but have been in a live-in relationship for the last 10 years and even have a daughter.

The Mahbubnagar-based couple's happily ever after story hit a roadblock when the woman, who is 42, in a fit of rage filed a case of 'dowry harassment' against her jobless live-in partner, who is 51, alleging that he was physically assaulting her.

The woman, a multi-purpose health worker with a government hospital with a decent monthly salary of Rs 20,000 (especially in the context of a small town like Mahbubnagar), even moved out of the house with the child.

With sections 498 A, 506 and 509 of IPC pressed against him, the man moved the AP High Court seeking anticipatory bail stating that the charges were invalid since the two were never legally married. And then he served a googly — he filed a simultaneous petition seeking maintenance of Rs 8,000 from his live-in partner of 10 years.

When the case first came up for hearing at the High Court a few days ago, the counsel representing the man referred to a recent Supreme Court judgment wherein the apex court had granted alimony to a woman in a live-in relationship from her partner citing that the number of years the two had put together were 'considerable', akin to a marriage. The man in this case has now pinned his hope on the apex court verdict with his counsel arguing how he too has put in 10 years of his life into this relationship and is thus a 'considerable' time period for him to earn his alimony from the earning partner.

In the first hearing, the HC judge had asked the man's counsel to look into the merits of the case himself and also consider whether the SC judgment can apply here, given the difference in the gender of the alimony seeker.
A similar case was filed by a Tamil Nadu resident Kalaiselvan who had sought a whopping Rs 25 lakh from his ex-wife, a news story that flashes on many websites catering to aggrieved husbands. But the judgment on the case is awaited.

On Tuesday, the HC posted the Mahbubnagar man's alimony petition case for its next hearing on July 30. Clearly, an unusual gender test for the AP High Court.

One more false molestation case falls flat

Blah blah blah… blah blah blah…that is the sound and fury of crazed feminists whenever they get news of a high profile case where a professional woman alleges molestation or sexual harassment against male co-workers or superiors.


The earlier air hostess incidents were found to be complete cock and bull stories.  Now it is turn for an army officer with rank of Lt Gen to be held not guilty.  But the officer’s reputation was clearly affected because of this.  See earlier news below:

Lt. Gen. Nanda neither resigned, nor asked to resign: Ministry of Defence clarifies

Preliminary investigations show that there are number of loopholes in the account of allegations.

Further investigations are in progress. It is also clarified that Lieutenant General AK Nanda has neither resigned nor been asked to put up his resignation. He is holding the appointment of the Engineer-in-Chief," said a Ministry of Defence release on Thursday evening. (ANI)

Men should fight for their own rights, of course!

It is interesting that in a panel discussion on women and violence/ safety, the panellists are venting frustration about men’s rights activists (MRAs).  See the news and my comments below:


HYDERABAD, March 25, 2010

For every woman who is fighting for a law to protect her rights, there are a handful of men who say: what about us?

“Why don't they struggle for their rights,” asks Flavia Agnes. The fiery women's rights lawyer was here on Wednesday for a panel discussion on “Women and Violence/ Safety.”

“Men need to stop taking away the gains of the women's movement,” she said. “Women are fighting for their rights because men and women are not equal. If you make laws assuming they are equal, the law will hardly serve its purpose.”

Comments: So the feminists seem to be frustrated by the activities of a handful of MRAs!  Organisations like Save Indian Family Foundation and AIMWA (All India Men’s Welfare Association) have taken the fight for men’s rights into the feminists camp, and they are not very happy that they have to now play football with a real opposition team in front, while all this while they could score goals since there was no opposition team to begin with.

And that point about men and women being equal or not equal.  These feminists have guts to say in the same sentence that men and women are equal, and that men and women are not equal.  Heads I win, tails you lose!

India's legal system dominated the discussion - panellists agreed that despite their rigid formality, the courts were the only place where victims of rape, dowry harassment or any other assault could demand justice.

Points to ponder

But for them to get justice, other things would have to change. Stop expecting women to be this or that, said historian Urvashi Butalia. “People seem shocked that women harass women. But we can be as nasty, rude and aggressive as a man. Why should we be expected to behave any differently?”

Comments: Shocked that women can be as nasty, rude, and aggressive as men? Not me!  And not the men’s rights activists who believe strongly that the bias in laws in favour of women is just plain nonsense in garb of women empowerment, constitutional provisions for women, and so on.

The law will respond to violence against women when society responds to it rather than merely trying to cure it. “We spend too much time thinking about how to make men better husbands,” Ms. Agnes said. “But the question is why are women committing suicide when they have the option of obtaining a divorce?”

Comments: How people are out of touch with reality.  The men’s rate of suicide is double that of women, and in fact increasing continuously since 2002 while the suicide rate of women is stable.  Of course, this comment comes from a feminist who believes women ought to be happier living their lives away from men  -- an assertion most women themselves will not agree with!

When the law offers them a way of exiting their marriage, why do women continue to struggle or suffer? “Is suicide the only choice she can afford to make? We need to ask ourselves that.”

NALSAR professor Dr. Amita Dhanda also spoke.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

UN super agency to help women or help radical feminists?

A recent news has made a United Nations’ super-agency out of 4 existing agencies working for benefit of women.  Read full news later:

It is however not clear if this move will really help in empowerment of women.  Most likely the consolidated funds will be used to strengthen the position of the few top feminists in these organisations.


By Samantha Singson Amanda Pawloski

     NEW YORK, July 8 (C-FAM)  Last Friday the General Assembly voted to consolidate four separate United Nations (UN) bodies dedicated to women’s issues into one new gender equality entity called “UN Women.” The resolution capped a victory for radical feminists who lobbied for years for the new entity and is the latest in an overall push to bring women’s issues even more onto the UN agenda.
     After four years of sometimes harsh negotiations, member states agreed on simplifying the disjointed efforts of four UN offices dedicated to women’s issues; the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) and the Office of the Special Advisor on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI).
     The framework for UN Women is the Beijing Platform for Action, which calls for an end to discrimination against women especially highlighting education, employment, political participation and human rights. An Under-Secretary-General appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will head the new body and member states are calling for a prompt appointment before the General Assembly meets in September. Many are speculating that former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet will be chosen. Bachelet is a socialist who promoted reproductive health and women’s rights during her political career. The Under-Secretary-General will hold a 4-year term with a possibility of one renewable term.
     The Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) campaign, a coalition of radical feminist groups and abortion advocates, has relentlessly lobbied to create a UN super-agency to deal with women’s issues. Charlotte Bunch, executive director of the Centre for Women's Global Leadership and the leading advocate of the GEAR campaign, said, “We have high expectations for this new agency [...] The coalition of women’s groups and other social justice, human rights and development organizations that played a pivotal role in this effort will now turn its efforts toward ensuring that the new body has the human and financial resources necessary to succeed.”
     The new body will be governed by an executive board consisting of 41 members: 10 African, 10 Asian, 4 Eastern European, 5 Western European/Other States, 6 Latin American/Caribbean, and 6 from contributing countries, of which 4 seats are allocated to the largest donor countries and 2 seats to donors from developing countries.
     Some member states have expressed concern that the cultures and objectives of recipient countries would not be respected. The resolution reaffirms that there is no “one size fits all” approach to development assistance, reflecting what is generally a split between rich industrial states where radical feminism holds sway and poorer countries where basic necessities must be met.
     Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women of America, told the Friday Fax, "Women need respect and opportunity, not a global agency demanding money and power for its well-heeled elitist leaders. The money would be better spent going directly to the areas and people in need with programs that have proven to work, not to another agency to empower the people who run it."

The money meant to be spent on women empowerment and on poor women usually goes to fund lifestyles of radical feminists associated with few ‘top’ women organisations.  A proof of that can be seen in glaring mismanagement of funds shown in Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s (CAG) audit report on NCW (National Commission for Women) here:


Monday, May 10, 2010

Domestic violence survey on men is welcome step

Recently a high court judge had said in a seminar that if he went strictly by definition of Indian domestic violence act against women(PWDVA), he will be guilty of domestic violence on his wife.  Actually, if the domestic violence act was made gender neutral, his wife will also be guilty of domestic violence on him.  This is because the definition of domestic violence is defined to be very broad, and further a woman has simply to allege to get the wheels of justice (read: torture for men) in motion.



Seeking to counter certain “exaggerated” claims made by some women’s organisations and in a bid to draw the attention of the government to the plight of men victimised by lop-sided laws drafted on the basis of such claims, men’s organisations in the city have now embarked upon the task of conducting a massive domestic violence survey.

    The results of the nationwide survey, widely believed to be the first of its kind for men in the country, will be used to find out if whether Indian men too are victims of domestic violence, the percentage of Indian men subjected to such violence and the kind of violence they are subjected to.

    The need for the survey has been triggered, it seems, by the controversial Domestic Violence Act - 2005, which seems to have been drafted on the assumption that only women suffer domestic violence.

    Says Suresh Ram, member of the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA), an NGO working for the rights of men and boys, “Certain women’s organisations have been stereotyping the issue of domestic violence. They have presented a picture that conveys the impression that only women are victims of domestic violence while we have with us global surveys and over 250 scholarly studies that show that women are at least as likely as men to engage in partner aggression and that partner violence is often mutual. This fact is established if one goes through the Domestic Violence Study conducted by a well known global organisation that
has done the survey in over 32 countries including India. However, the Domestic Violence Act in India offers protection to only women and not men.” He further adds, “So, to set things right, we men’s organisations have joined hands to ensure that a credible and transparent survey on the issue is done. Eight men’s organisations are involved in this effort which is being led by the AIMWA. We have begun negotiations with survey agencies to conduct the survey in certain cities of the country including Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We intend to publish the results on Nov 19, the International Men’s Day.” So, what do they intend to achieve by conducting such a survey? Says Suresh, “We intend to create an awareness in society about the problems faced by men. We wish to present to them the real situation in society. We will also seek to draw the government’s attention to issues concerning men and reiterate our demand for setting up a National Commission for Men and a Men’s Welfare Ministry.” Men in the city are delighted with the move by the men’s organisations. Welcoming such a survey, Shankar, a graphics designer, says, “I certainly welcome the move. It is high time that facts were presented on this issue.” Women too seem to be for such a survey. Says Dakshayini Sampath, a media professional, “While I think that more number of women suffer domestic violence, it’s also possible that men are victims. I think the law should hold good for both genders and if this survey is going to help bring about a uniform law, then I’m all for it.”

Will feminists ask for equal opportunities in such deadly jobs?

Refer to news below about death of miners in Russia in dangerous mines.


Rescuers were searching desperately for 58 people still missing in a Russian coal mine yesterday as the death toll from twin methane blasts rose to 32.

Hopes were fading of finding survivors more than 450 metres underground at the Raspadskaya pit in Siberia, Russia’s largest underground mine. Eighteen of the victims have been rescuers who died in the second explosion on Sunday after going in search of miners trapped by the first blast late on Saturday.

Twelve miners died and 71 were hurt in that explosion as 370 people worked underground at the mine in the Kemerovo region. Sergei Shoigu, the Emergency Situations Minister, said that the body of the 31st victim, a rescue worker, had been recovered as a large-scale search mission resumed.

The feminists take great pains to point out statistics about why there is still less percentage of women CEOs in corporations, why women are being denied powerful jobs, there is a glass ceiling blah blah… They never seem to highlight the fact that even today, most of the deadly, dangerous, life-threatening, debilitating jobs are done by men and which do not pay any great amounts either!

Men who become CEOs also have to go through years of grind, being away from family on travel, miss out on life beyond work, to be able to have a chance at reaching that position.  It is not served to them on a platter simply because of their gender.  But for feminists, the logic of female supremacy reigns supreme, that just by her gender, a woman should be entitled to equal outcomes, irrespective of whether she is willing to put up same amount of work or travel to reach a top job.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Will the real opposition to dowry stand up please?

This is the response received to an RTI application filed on Women and Child Development Ministry.  According to this RTI response, WCD ministry has not spent a single Rupee on any advertisement campaign against dowry, or extravagant marriages in Apr 2009-Mar 2010.


RTI response is also given in PDF format below:


This is the same WCD ministry which had bungled and carried out an advertisement issued on the occasion of the National Girl Child Day that carried a photograph of the former Pakistan Air Force chief, Tanvir Ahmed Mahmood.


So it seems they WCD does not spend any money on reducing dowry and extravagant marriages… and when they do spend money on a women’s issue, it is bungled so badly that Prime minister’s office (PMO) has to issue an apology on behalf of WCD.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man gets divorce confirmation from Mumbai HC after 18 years

So if you are a man and want divorce, pray that your wife breaks into your house after alleging you are having extra-marital affair, and hopefully in your lifetime you will be granted divorce by supreme court, err high court in this case.  Surely things are improving for men since Supreme Court’s Justice Katju’s comment to a husband who had applied for divorce: “you have waited for 17 years, you can wait for few more months”.


Mina’s act of breaking into Amit’s house and alleging that he was having an extramarital affair were enough to prove the charge of cruelty, the court said. “The appellant [Mina] must have obviously caused tremendous hardship, inconvenience, unnecessary expenses, and mental anguish to the respondent,” the judges said in their order. “Such conduct would definitely constitute cruelty.”

Mina said she wanted to live with Amit, but the court observed that the couple had been living separately for 18 years, of which 10 were under the same roof.

Upholding the family court’s order granting divorce, the judges said, “The conduct of preventing the respondent from entering the matrimonial home is not the conduct of a wife who wants the marriage to be continued. Similar is the conduct of making unprovoked false allegations of an extramarital affair.”

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indian men facing domestic violence in New Zealand from wives

I found this story interesting in the sense that it is like an analogy to those stories of women being married to men in another country and then being made to work like slaves, and not given due respect.  Well, don’t blame everything on men.  See for yourselves what kind of abuse unscrupulous women are capable of:

Male victims speak out on marriage abuse

29/03/2010 13:16:00 Venkat Raman

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only victims of family violence, failed or fraudulent marriages. An increasing number of men are beginning to speak out with horrifying tales of misuse and abuse, including false complaints to the Police.

Following our front-page story, India moves to end fraudulent marriages published in our March 1, 2010 issue, a number of male readers of Indian Newslink have contacted us to narrate their predicament, seeking justice from the Governments of New Zealand and India, stating that they are at their wits end.

While we have reason to believe the veracity of their statements, we have protected their identity for obvious reasons.

Wellington based Paramjit (not his real name) told us of the `extreme verbal and physical abuse' that he suffered soon after migrating to New Zealand from his native India where he married a Fiji-born woman resident in this country.

"I worked hard to keep my wife and my parents-in-law (joint family) happy. I soon adopted myself to the domestic and professional environment. Although I earn high income compared to many other people of Indian origin, I was subject to ridicule and humiliation both at home and in public by my wife. She often told me that I was useless and that it was due to her grace and mercy that I live in New Zealand," he said.

Paramjit said his life took a turn for the worse, when his parents from India came to live in New Zealand following the birth of his daughter.

"My wife started misbehaving with them as well. She made them do all the homework, look after our child – she started treating them like slaves. Whenever I questioned her behaviour, she would threaten that she would complain to the Police and have me arrested for domestic violence," he said.

Paramjit said the abuse became so unbearable that he once contemplated suicide.

He recently left his wife to live with his parents.

There are at least three such cases in Wellington, currently under our investigation.

East Auckland resident Ramesh (not his real name) had a similar experience.

The young man, from Karnataka in South India, married a young woman, born and raised in New Zealand, hoping for a happier life.

He has a successful career as an engineer, but at home, he is a nervous wreck.

"This person, who calls herself a woman, has no love or care for me and our only male child, who is now three years old. I have been married for five years now, but life is hell. I do all the housework, including cooking, washing and cleaning, after a long day at work. Sometimes I do shift duty but that does not mean a thing at home. I still have to do all the work," he said.

He said his wife liked to have parties at home with friends and their families at least once a month, at each of which he becomes an object of ridicule.

"She takes great pleasure in announcing to her friends that I am a good-for-nothing man and that she had made the greatest mistake in marrying me. I have often talked to her about divorce but she simply does not care. I continue to suffer," he said.

Ramesh has not contemplated leaving the house and living separately, for fear of upsetting his aged parents in India.

But the case of Satish (not his real name) in Central Auckland was among the worst that we have heard during our interviews.

Born and raised in a poor family in India, Satish was married to a rich woman of Indian origin in New Zealand less than a year ago.

"I came to this country on a visitor visa to live with my wife, her parents and three brothers. Three days after my arrival, I was asked to do all the housework. I obtained a work permit with the help of a friendly neighbour. They would still not help me in cooking and washing. My wife and I have a joint bank account and I do not get a cent for personal expenses. Life is hell," he said.

Ayesha Siddiqui could have tried trapping other men in past

And after news of demand of 1.5 crore (the 10% cut) from Ayesha Siddiqui, the saga deepens further:

Ayesha Siddiqui could have framed other men too in past

Chicago-based businessman Feroze Jalal says Ayesha Siddiqui is no pained wife, and that she tried to con him the same way she ‘framed’ Shoaib Malik.

Hyderabad is my hometown —which I will soon be visiting, probably in June. I’m currently settled in Chicago with my wife. When I read the news about Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and his alleged link up with the Hyderabad based-Ayesha Siddiqui, what immediately struck me was the name of the woman — since I’ve known her, and had a similar experience, many years back. And in light of that experience, I feel that Ayesha may well have framed Shoaib. What has happened with Shoaib is very sad, and I can understand it better than most because I have gone through similar trauma, because of what Ayesha had done with me a few years back.

In 1997, while I was in Jeddah, I started receiving some crank calls on my phone. I found out that it was my ex-girlfriend’s friend who was making the calls. I then got to know her name —Ayesha Siddiqui. Yes, the same Ayesha who supposedly has just ‘divorced’ Shoaib Malik.

I was only 20 years old at that time. I would keep getting these crank calls everyday. Finally, I decided to speak to her. She introduced herself as Ayesha Siddiqui. Slowly, we both started talking. Sometimes, we’d talk over the phone for hours and hours. She has a typical Pakistani accent. One day, I asked her if she would meet me, and she readily agreed. We decided to meet at a super mall in Jeddah. When I reached the mall and waited for her, a slim, beautiful girl walked up to me and introduced herself, saying, ‘Hi, I’m Ayesha.” We sat and chatted for some time, but after she left, I realised that her voice didn’t sound the same as it did on the phone. I had my doubts. I therefore got in touch with one of my friends, who was Ayesha’s neighbour. His description of Ayesha was very different from what the girl I had met looked like, and he also told me that the girl who had come to meet me at the mall was not Ayesha, but a friend of hers. The next time that I asked Ayesha to meet me, she didn’t turn up at all.

On the phone, Ayesha would cry, and ask me to marry her all the time, and I would refuse. She was crazy and madly in love with me, or so I thought. I finally got irritated of all this and stopped attending her calls. Our relationship lasted only for about six months.

Finally, later, I got to know about Ayesha’s real identity, her family, etc, through a common friend. I got to know that she had been calling other boys too, and talking to them the same way, and trying to somehow force them to marry her. In fact, one of my close friends, whom I’ll just call K (since his family doesn't know about all this), who was at that time staying in Hyderabad, had started receiving similar crank calls from Ayesha. When I told K about Ayesha, he also gave up talking to her. He is now, fortunately, happily married and settled in Australia.

I strongly feel that Ayesha needs proper medication. She seems normal to speak to at first, but she is not quite a ‘normal’ personality. I think she is just looking for fame and money. What appears stranger is that her parents seem to be supporting her in all this. She has probably trapped Shoaib and framed him.

And yes, I’m saying this all on record, as my wife is fully aware of this episode.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Women organisations and Domestic Violence industry exposed in Shoaib Malik case

So you could never believe that many claims of domestic violence by women are nothing but a way to extort money from men using helpful legal fraternity, media, and judiciary to their advantage?  You need proof, right?  You are an intelligent person, who can think for themselves, and you care enough for women empowerment to waste your time listening to this lunatic fringe of so called men rights activists who have coined the phrase domestic violence industry?  So read the story below.

Mediators in Shoaib-Ayesha settlement want share of 15-cr pie

People who came across as well-wishers during her moment of crisis are turning tormentors for Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik's first wife Ayesha Siddiqui. Reason: They think Ayesha made Rs 15 crore from her ex-husband Shoaib Malik and they want their pound of flesh.

Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front, who had filed a suit with the State Human Rights Commission on Ayesha's behalf, says she expects 10 per cent of the rumoured Rs 15 crore settlement for her crucial role in resolving the crisis.

Kyon paisa paisa karti hai? Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front said she wants the money for her organisation, not herself. Pic/AFP

"I don't want money for myself. All I want is a donation for our organisation, which is fighting for vulnerable women like Ayesha. I heard that Shoaib gave Rs 15 crore to Ayesha before he signed the divorce papers. If this is true, at least 10 per cent of the amount should be donated to our organisation," said Shiraj Khan.

So she does not want money for herself, but donation for her organisation!  Great, such selfless thoughts on her part, right?  DEAD WRONG.  This is exactly how the domestic violence industry works.  These women organisations ‘help’ women to file false cases of domestic violence, child abuse, any worse possible cruelty you can dream about which can be done to women/children.  They again ‘help’ during the extortion negotiations and take their cut or share of the final money paid by the hostage who pays the ransom to free himself/ family members from false cases.  You will never know how that money will be divided amongst the members of that women organisations.  Basically, a few top members along with some lawyers probably will take the lion’s share of the whole sum.  The rest will go to fund propaganda, organise activism etc to ensure that more women in future can be attracted to approach this woman organisation and can be ‘helped’ in similar ways.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hyderabad police scores international 498a

So finally it is out!  In the Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza-Ayesha Siddiqui episode, Ayesha has settled for maintenance Rs 5,000 per month (really!)…. and her mother is very happy that “justice has been done”.  As if you will go to international media with all your gory details of fornications (if there was no marriage then it is fornication as per Pakistani law) in star hotels, then miscarriage -- all to get Rs 5,000 of maintenance for 3 months!

The real deal is given in news below… 15 crores was the price

Shoaib-Ayesha settle at 15 crores

Following late night negotiations spearheaded by several Muslim leaders from the Congress, including cricketer-cum-Member of Parliament Mohammad Azharuddin, Andhra Pradesh Minorities Welfare Minister Mohammed Ahmadullah, and Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Abid Rasool Khan, the matter was resolved and Ayesha's family will withdraw all cases against Shoaib lodged with Hyderabad police. Officially, Ayesha will get Rs 5,000 as mehr for three months during the Iddat period as her alimony according to the Shariat law. The Siddiqui family emphatically denies any additional money changing hands but sources close to the family have told this newspaper that Shoaib has agreed to pay Rs 12 crore directly to Ayesha and her family and another Rs 3 crore towards sundry ‘costs.’

And Hyderabad police has added a feather to their cap by consummating their highest (probably) amount exchanged in a 498a extortion.  For your information, here is the official information of Hyderabad police where they tell women in most ‘helpful’ manner on when NOT to file 498a on husband to help prevent abuse of 498a.  They have termed it as women’s corner. You get the idea!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Congress and BJP MPs scuttle seat reservation for women

This had to happen, but it took that long because no-one in their stupid political correct mind (read: cowardly mind) could take on the notion that women empowerment and women reservation in parliament need not be done by trampling on democratic rights of people to contest elections, and citizens to choose their candidates.

Congress left isolated on women's quota

NEW DELHI: The women's bill seems to be going nowhere. On Monday, BJP offered to consider the option of letting political parties implement the 33% quota while Congress's own allies Trinamool Congress, NCP and National Conference urged that the objections of Yadav leaders should not be brushed aside.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, while reiterating the party's support for the quota bill, told an all-party meeting that if unanimity could be built on political parties implementing the quota by way of ticket distribution, with the process being overseen by the Election Commission, the BJP was prepared to consider such an option.

So finally a large party like BJP has woken to the realities that whatever nonsense the media might spread about women empowerment through seat reservation, the right way to ensure women representation in parliament is by political parties ensuring at time of ticket allocation to enough women candidates!

If the BJP positioning -- perhaps a reflection of deep discontent among its Lok Sabha MPs -- was a surprise, Congress's allies like Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee batted strongly for the Yadavs, urging that interests of the "weaker sections" not be overlooked. With NCP and National Conference also chipping in, government does not seem to be in a position to bring the bill to Lok Sabha.

Finally some men in parliament said enough is enough and we can’t allow our seats to be taken away from us after doing the hard work (or so we hope) in nurturing the constituency.

The BJP's shift seems dictated by a virtual vertical split in the saffron outfit against the quota legislation. But it strikes a chord with male MPs across party lines like Congress who may not speak in the open. It also aligned the party with Shiv Sena which made a similar plea.

Ha ha … a politician is a politician, and there are so many males in parliament that they had to get together to scuttle the bill.  It is really the male members of Congress and BJP who have come together on the issue and BJP has been made the face of this new suggestion.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shoaib episode: Indian feminists rubbing their hands with glee

In Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik episode, some people think about it as marriage of celebrities, some think about whether it will do something good to Indo-Pak relations and so on.  But there is a curious species on this planet which only seems to be interested in getting men behind bars – and you guessed it right, it goes by the name Indian feminists.

Friends find Siddiqui family’s tactics strange

From the above news story, this is what a women’s organisation representative has to say:

Women activists Deccan Herald spoke to agree it is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.

It is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.  Am I surprised?  When were feminists dealing with issues of substance, except heaping insults and hatred on men in general in the name of injustice to women?  Further this is what a woman who works for tribal women and children has to say:

Dr Rukmini Rao who heads Gramya that works amidst tribal women and children said if Ayesha is to be believed that she had undergone mental torture as Shoaib wanted her to lose weight, then under Indian law he could be arrested.

So this woman and child empowerment expert thinks in her expert opinion that if an Indian man wants wife to lose weight, then her wife is right in filing a “mental torture” (better known as IPC 498a) case on husband, and husband can be arrested!  Bravo…. hope you are doing some real good work for the tribal women and children.

“If Shoaib was an ordinary citizen, if he was not a cricketing star and and not a Muslim, he would be behind bars.What he has done is absolutely illegal and unwarranted. Being an icon he should set an example,” she said.

So the feminists have given away their secret sauce which they use to repress Indian men’s freedoms and liberty.  One – you should be ordinary citizen, Two – you should not be cricketing star, Three – you should not be a Muslim; and going by these criteria at least 80% of Indian men will be eligible for special treatment made for men by Indian feminazis.  There you have the perfect ingredients for any Indian woman to torture and repress his husband using Indian laws and judiciary to her advantage.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indira Jaising with her feminazi logic, read and appreciate

The additional solicitor general of India, Indira Jaising who is also a prominent feminazi writes about women in parliament, but the article betrays the warped and perverse mentality of all feminists.

Tomorrow we will see the power of women in Parliament

It came as a shock to me that in most developed countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, women constitute not more than 5 per cent of elected representatives in parliamentary bodies.

I also learnt that women do not receive equal pay for equal work in these countries.

Indeed, while reporting on the Netherlands, the minister said that women 'choose' home-based part-time work as part of their right to choose to stay home with their children!

Go easy on the exclamation mark woman.  It is a woman’s choice how she wants to divide her time between work and children.

On the other hand, Rwanda, which had emerged out of genocide and would be expected to be backward by all economic parameters, had 58 per cent women as elected representatives in parliament.

This was thanks to the provision in their constitution for reservation for women. It was then that I realised that there was no relationship between development and gender justice and that development does not necessarily lead to equality for women.

Development leads to more prosperity and opportunity for everyone including women, but the feminazis are usually worried only about female supremacy and not really justice for females.

Critics there too argued that they would have to appoint 'escort girls' to the board, as men here argue that women in panchayats would have pati-panchs deputing for them as an argument against reservations. These and many others are self-serving arguments, intended to preserve privilege.

Henceforth all privileges will be granted only to female supremacists, who have no accountability except they were females by birth and it is their privilege to have privileges by way of their gender.

We have finally woken up to the realisation that the demands of equal representation for women cannot be denied for another century or more. An equal society means a society in which men and women have equal opportunity in all walks of life, including political representation.

Funny you should say equal opportunity, when a man cannot stand for election from reserved seats for women, but a woman can fight election either on reserved seat or on open seats.  It will be equal opportunity when there were reserved seats for men too!

The sheer numbers of women to be seen in Parliament in the very near future will form a critical mass, never before seen in any country in the world save a few which have chosen the path of reservation for women.

And the feminists are secretly gloating that what they could never do in US or Europe, they may be able to do in India.

Feminists’ myths about domestic violence being busted

Newer Perspectives on Domestic Violence

That domestic violence is a preserve of men is demolished by this data on lesbian couples:

Nor is the incidence of DV among lesbian cohorts minimal. In fact, abuse among lesbians occurs with far greater frequency than among heterosexuals (given as 24% by the study above), and far more frequently than male-on-female abuse. Estimates of abuse have ranged between 47% and 73% (Coleman, 1990; Bologna, Waterman, Dawson, 1987; Lie. et al. 1991) among lesbian subjects who responded to questionnaires assessing prevalence of some form of physical, sexual, or emotional-psychological abuse in at least one relationship. Estimates of verbal abuse in lesbian relationships have been as high as 95% (Kelly & Warshafsky, 1987). About half of lesbian subjects who participated in research surveys indicated they had experienced 10 or more abusive incidents during their relationships, and about three-quarters had experienced 6 or more (Renzetti 1992).

That men are more aggressive than women is probably only a convenient stereotype associated with physical aggression of men.  The study has to say this about differences in aggression behaviour between men and women:

In a paper from the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Anne Conway6 summarizes her important study on “Girls, Aggression, and Emotion Regulation” as follows: “Many studies have demonstrated that boys are more aggressive than girls (see J.D. Cole & K. Dodge, 1997, for a review) and that emotion regulation difficulties are associated with problematic behaviours. However, recent findings indicate that gender differences in aggressive behaviour disappear when assessments are broadened to include relational aggression—behaviours designed to harm the relationship goals of others by spreading rumours, gossiping, and eliciting peer rejection of others (The author has heard the term “Soul Murder” given to such behaviours and the results can often be deadly.) Moreover, although difficulties regulating emotions have been reported for physically aggressive children, little research has examined these processes in relationally aggressive children.”

And goes on to demolish the myth of women being always peacemakers and men always being violent from point of view of anthropology:

In her seminal study, Male and Female, the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead14 states the following: “There are even those who have argued that women are inherently more peaceful than men. On further examination, it would seem that there is little evolutionary basis for this argument. There seems very little ground for claiming that the mother of young children is more peaceful, more responsible, and more thoughtful for the welfare of the human race than is her husband and brother.”

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rape of men and boys can not be brushed away

According to a UK study, 8% of recorded rape victims are male.

Rape is not just a women's issue

According to the Stern Review, the victim is male in around 8% of all recorded rape cases. The unrecorded figure is thought to be far higher.

Rape and sexual assault are seen as women's issues – the victims are female, the perpetrators male. But it is no longer acceptable to pretend, as some do, that rape and sexual assault are only committed by men against women. The proportion of men who go on to report sexual assault is extremely low and the number of victims greater than the government or media coverage would suggest. Male rape victims face an enormous amount of social prejudice in coming forward. One organisation working with male victims told the Stern Review: "Very few men will access the police to report a rape, they don't want to feel less of a man, don't want to be regarded as gay."

If the logic of sexual abuse and rape laws exclusive to women because most victims are females, was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males. 

Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Now men have to wake up and change the biased laws they helped create!

Hillary Clinton’s letter to Indian women: more lies

Hillary Clinton is at it again to ever confuse women empowerment with female supremacy and is now spreading her male-hate message in garb of addressing women leaders of India.

Secretary Clinton's letter to women leaders in India

Just one excerpt from letter:

As you come together today, you recognize that economic progress and democratic progress depend on women's progress.  You recognize that the freedom and empowerment of women helps them to flourish, and that when women flourish, families flourish, whole communities flourish and entire nations flourish.

This is just one example how issues like poverty, opportunity, discrimination are now being women-ified under feminist discourse.  It is not important to take care of other half (men) of society.  Help women only, and everything will become fine!

The other point is the same feminists are ever ready to break families, let children grow without fathers, and then have the guts to talk about welfare of families and communities.

Pathetic NCW tries its luck again with Supreme Court

If the news of NCW mismanaging its funds was not enough, here they go again at wasting more funds on non-issues.

Kicking bahu not cruelty? SC to review

The National Commission for Women, through counsel Aparna Bhat, moved a curative petition requesting reconsideration of the judgment in the case between Bhaskar Lal Sharma and his daughter-in-law Monica. Curative petitions normally have a 99% failure rate in the apex court.

NCW said the ruling would defeat the very purpose of the provision to protect women from cruelty and harassment in matrimonial homes.

Yeah… if you define cruelty to woman the way a feminist defines: “like he looked at me in a strange way, and I was terrified”

NCW had reflected the views of Karat who had said the apex court's decision would only "further deepen the miseries of women and undo the effect of various legislations passed for the emancipation of women".

Oh please, the revered section 498a of IPC that is being talked about has less than 1% conviction rate.  300-400 times no of men and families are being arrested under this law for emancipation of 1 woman!  People from other planets will have to put behind bars before all women in India could be emancipated by usage of this law.

The NCW said in its petition: "The manner in which `cruelty' is defined makes it clear that each condition is exclusive to each other. Hence, section 498A is not confined to dowry demand. It includes demand for dowry and resultant harassment caused to women but also includes cruelty in matrimony caused to the women without the demand for dowry."

And NCW fails to mention that the cruelty must of of kind to threaten life or limb of woman, or such mental cruelty which could drive her to commit suicide.

Who needs fathers: BBC documentary

BBC is recently doing a documentary on cruel system in UK denying fathers access to their children.

Agony of the frozen-out fathers: BBC documentary


Watching a preview of next week’s BBC series Who Needs Fathers?, I felt ashamed to be a woman. The men on the programme appeared to be loving, attentive fathers – not extremists in Batman costumes. All they wanted was to play their part in the upbringing of their children. But, at every turn, it seemed, vengeful, short-sighted women were selfishly trying to thwart them.

Further there are some statistics on number of children who are growing up without fathers, the figures do not seem much different from India’s:

Too few children are growing up with that balance. Ninety three per cent of children live with their mother after a separation, and half then lose touch with the non-resident parent. That’s a tragedy not only for the fathers, but for the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who would otherwise provide a support network for those children.

The most tragic part is that such an initiative by BBC to highlight injustice to fathers may be the first and last:

Despite fears that speaking out will harm participants’ contact arrangements, Fielden is glad to have found the brief window of opportunity in which to tell their stories. Last year, it became legal to report on the family courts, but a Bill is going through Parliament that would make it impossible, once again, to film people who have been involved in family legal disputes. “It’s unlikely that we would ever again be able to make a programme about this important issue,” she says.

Rape by women, and why gender biased laws are evil

Two newspaper articles below show the reality of rape by women.  Anyone in Indian government or legislature who is making laws only to protect women must be having their eyes closed, or waiting for a near and dear one to be sexually abused or raped by a woman, before they admit reluctantly to it.

Interesting point is: the feminists always protest against making sexual abuse laws to be gender neutral.  If the same logic was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males.  Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Enough rave and rant, now the 2 news items below:

University of California, Santa Barbara

Rape by Women


Although it is not commonly reported, or even discussed, females commit a significant number of rapes. It has been estimated that around 10,000 rapes committed each year in the United States are perpetrated by women. In fact, many experts believe that this number is an under representation, due to the fact that female rapes are very rarely reported.


Victims of female rape are usually older, weaker, or handicapped. Frequently, female rapists use objects to sodomize, rape, and overpower their victims. However, most females accused of rape are accomplices to male rapists and do not physically violate the victim.
Children are the most frequent victims of female rape. This usually takes form in statutory rape, or sexual intercourse between an adult woman and a consenting minor. Studies have shown that women involved in these relations are frequently seeking a substitute lover because they are alone, have a low self-worth, or are in a bad or violent relationship. Female rape of children can also take the form of incest or child molestation. In both of these cases, victims are not likely to come forward because the perpetrator is female.

Why Women Rape

Studies have shown that female rapists are driven by the same forces as their male counterparts: power, hostility, violence, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, and opportunity. Many female rapists were themselves victims of rape, incest or molestation at some point in life. Also, female accomplices to male rapists are commonly forced by threat of bodily harm to help in the perpetration of the crime.

Male Victims of Female Rape

Female rapes of men go largely unreported by male victims, and few men seek counseling or support. Men who do talk about their experience show similar effects as female victims of rape: loss of self-esteem, self-blame, fear of intimacy, and depression. Because many states do not include women in their rape statutes, female rapists go largely unpunished. Men are also discouraged from bringing female rapists to trial for fear that a judge or jury will not believe their story.



Women can rape men too

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, when he was 12. And you thought only men could rape women, there's a darker side to the truth? Read on...

Rohan Mon, Jan 12, 2009 17:54:47 IST

THERE IS a false notion among people that all rapists are men and that women can never rape men or commit sexual crimes on men. This article intends to educate the society about the darker side of the truth and to get men shed their false ego that men alone can rape.

A glaring example of reverse case is that of an Indian origin female teacher and director at an exclusive Manhattan private school who was, a couple of years ago, charged with statutory rape and sodomy of two male pupils.

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, which encourages pupils to learn and develop their creativity at their own pace, when he was 12, assistant district attorney Florence Chapin told the court.

Sinha began sexual liaisons with the other boy, now a New York City police officer, when he was 13 and she was 29, the prosecutor said, adding that the liaison lasted for years.

Earlier, Sinha was charged with crime against just one boy. Later, Chapin disclosed the case of the second boy during a hearing in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, in which she told Justice Carol Berkman that Sinha was now charged with 81 crimes. Chapin had asked the judge to set the teacher's bail at $ 100,000.

Prosecutors had said Sinha had family ties in India and could possibly flee.

Chapin said Sinha, on administrative leave from the school on Manhattan's East Side, began a sexual relationship with the first pupil in June, 1996, when he was a 13-year-old, an eighth-grader. She was charged in October 2005, with raping him.

When he had tried to end the affair in 2004, Chapin said, "Sinha tried to ruin his life by making up heinous allegations that he raped a young girl and then made separate allegations that he also brutally assaulted the defendant (Sinha)."

Sinha assumed another person's identity on at least 10 occasions in 2004-05 to file rape charges in person, by telephone and by e-mail, claiming the policeman had raped her niece, the prosecutor had said.

Investigators found the person whose identity Sinha had assumed and that person said she did not have a niece, had never reported any rape and did not know the victim or the defendant, the prosecutor said.

The officer reported his former relationship with Sinha to police after the teacher tried to frame him and about a week before the five-year statute of limitations on her sex crimes would have expired, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said Sinha could not be charged with improper sexual contact with her former pupil after he turned 17 because that is the age of consent in New York State.

Meanwhile, in January 2001, Sinha began a sexual liaison with the second pupil, who was 12 and in the seventh grade, Chapin said.

Besides rape and sodomy, Sinha was charged with criminal impersonation, bribing a witness, tampering with physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a child and falsely reporting an incident. If convicted on the rape or sodomy charges, she would face up to 25 years in prison.

NCW is helping itself with taxpayer money, but just not helping women

Fresh news breaks about National Commission for Women’s wayward ways with taxpayer money:

Audit raps NCW for huge backlog, spendthrift ways

NEW DELHI: * Of the 12,895 complaints that came to National Commission for Women (NCW) between 2008-09, only a little over half (7,509) were addressed. Of these, only 14% could be disposed of.

Conclusion: The words Accountability and NCW should never be used in the same sentence.

* Out of the 22 NGOs or individuals that were given grants worth Rs 22 lakh for research projects, 15 have not even submitted an interim report.

Conclusion: What a women’s NGO does with taxpayer money is nobody else’s business.

* Mandatory requirements like jail visits to assess living conditions of women have not been made for the past 4 years.

These observations, made by the Comptroller & Auditor General's (CAG) inspection report, indicate the malaise that has crept into the NCW. The commission, set up to mitigate hardships and address concerns of women, has run into rough weather itself.

The inspection found that of the 12,895 cases, 7,509 were taken up. Of these, only 1,077 were disposed of.

Admitting that the commission was battling a huge backlog of cases, NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said, "The rate of disposal is low because of several reasons. We lack trained manpower and resources. We are at present managing with a small staff whereas the number of complaints has been steadily increasing. Several of the complaints that come to us are being fought in court. We cannot send people away on the plea that the matter is subjudice. But I am concerned about the large number of cases and have demanded additional trained manpower."

Another major lapse pointed out by the audit report is that no jail visit -- as mandated under the NCW Act -- was made between 2006-2007 to 2008-2009. Also, grants amounting to Rs 23.30 lakh were made to 22 NGOs/individuals between 2005-2006 and 2008-2009. Of these 22 cases, even the interim report was not received in 15 cases after a lapse of 5 to 30 months. Incidentally, the commission has not even initiated any action to recover the grant from the defaulters who failed to comply with the time schedule prescribed.

The inspection report notes that "the internal control in the NCW to monitor timely submission of interim/final reports was ineffective in monitoring the compliance to the terms of the research study grant/assistance".

Comment: To spread male-hatred in name of gender studies requires no research grant, just willingness to shout about gender injustice and party on with the money women NGOs get.

Vyas said the commission was in the process of scrutinising each case and blacklisting the NGOs that had failed to perform. "We are now giving research studies to universities and state commissions to avoid these problems. We also plan to blacklist those who have been unable to deliver," Vyas said.

Comment: Interested activists should file an RTI on NCW to find out the blacklist soon.  It is your money they are playing with and spreading anti-male lies with that.

Other irregularities pointed out by CAG include irregular payment of pay and allowances amounting to Rs 71.68 lakh against lapsed posts, excessive expenditure on seminars and meetings amounting to over Rs 32 lakh and travel allowance and daily allowance claims that the inspection report was unable to verify.

Vyas, however, said all these financial objections raised by the audit had been addressed. "We have replied to all the objections raised by the CAG on financial irregularities to their satisfaction," she said.

Fake Taliban video to demonize men?

Sent by Stan Rains:

For those who recall the international furor over the video of the Taliban publicly whipping a girl for being seen in public with a married man, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2009/apr/02/swat-valley-flogging , it has been recently announced after a criminal investigation that the video was a fake.  An NGO or private group with a special interest created the video and paid all present who participated in the event, including the girl who is supposedly being whipped.

I am not defending the Taliban, I am addressing the lack of truth and balance in reporting gender issues.   The video was meant to wrongly demonize men.  It was presented as truth of abuse of girls by men with the intent to stir emotions.   It is propaganda.  The video is a lie.  It relies on man-hate myth to attempt to discredit a group that has already discredited itself, the Taliban.  The only real agenda is to associate men with abuse of women and children.   The violence of the Taliban in its murder of innocent men, women, and children is well known and needs no fraudulent video to make the point.

The video made national news around the world on the major media networks.  But, there is very little on the exposing of the fraud and the admissions of the participants, including the girl and child witnesses present for the filming of the fake video.
A quick Google search on this topic will provide you with the handful of news operations reporting the Pakistani government's exposure of this fraud.

This is just one more example of the major media becoming a disconnected dinosaur destined for extinction because of their imbalance of reporting.

Thanks to the Pakistani parents rights activists who have recently made the rest of the world aware of this newly exposed feminist fraud.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mulayam Yadav cites danger about males missing in parliament

I was pleased to note that the danger of males being left out of parliament posted on this blog a while ago is now being voiced by Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav.  He deserves some respect for this because there are very few politicians who are doing straight talk about provisions of WRB which are a clear infringement on Indian men’s constitutional rights.  So it seems that the message about ills of present women’s reservation bill are spreading and politicians are not afraid to voice them.


He said not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha 10 years after the bill comes into force and advocated quota for the fairer sex within political parties.

"Once the bill comes into force, not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha after 10 years as elected women would not leave their seats, nor the political parties would be in a position to replace them," he said.

Advocating reservation for women within political parties instead, Yadav said it should be made mandatory for them to give 15% tickets to women.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gender neutral sexual harassment bill is welcome step


They were buddies at the call centre they worked in. Rohit and Shalini would often party together or go out for a drink as a twosome. But gradually, Rohit started feeling uncomfortable. It seemed that Shalini had other thoughts about their platonic relationship.

One day, Shalini — who is married and has a nine-year-old son — moved to the desk right next to Rohit. Rohit, who is also married, would find her gazing at him between calls. She would brush against him when she passed by.

“Even now, she makes no bones about wanting to sleep with me; she says she’ll book a hotel for the occasion if I agree,” says Rohit, adding that the struggle to stay away from Shalini is taking its toll on him. It worries him that at the call centre in Malad, the two are the daily staple of office gossip.

Does the above scenario seem impossible.  Yet the feminists would have you believe that sexual harassment laws should be made only to benefit women! 


The Bill, which is touted as being gender neutral, proposes the introduction of a new section — 376 (E) — to the Indian Penal Code, 1860, on unlawful sexual acts. “Whoever touches directly or indirectly, with a part of the body or with an object, any part of the body of another person (not being the spouse of such person), with sexual intent and without the consent of such other person, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both,” it says.

The Bill does not specify the sex of the victim. So in effect a man can accuse a woman — or another man — of sexual abuse. But ironically, the Bill has its seeds in the 172nd report of the Law Commission of India, and recommendations drafted by women’s groups around the country, spearheaded by the National Commission for Women (NCW).

When women’s groups lobbied for a stronger law they did not have gender neutrality in mind. They merely wanted to tighten laws on sexual assault. Men who touched women with sexual intent and without consent had to be punished, they said.

Hmmm.. they did not believe that there could be men rights advocates who will fight for laws to be made gender neutral.  Wake up feminists!  Men’s team has shown up in the match, so now you got to make effort, make your play, and only then you can hope to win.

Delhi High Court does historical justice to women by invoking the constitution

In a major boost to women’s rights, the Delhi High Court has ruled that any alleged wrong done to a woman at any time in history can be set right by provisions of Domestic Violence Act  (PWDVA).  Read excerpts of news below:


Allowing Ms Bhanot’s appeal, the court underlined the ‘historical reality’ — that women in our society have been subjected to discrimination, misbehavior and ill-treatment not only outside their house, also inside it.

“Even a working woman — from a construction worker to a qualified professional — is not always treated with respect at home,” Justice Jain said.

The judge has for obvious reasons declined to comment on whether the same situation of discrimination, misbehaviour, and disrespect of women prevails in homes of judges too or not!

It is immaterial whether the “aggrieved person” was living with the husband when the offence was committed.

The important thing is that the woman should feel aggrieved, all other points are trivial in face of ‘historical injustice to women’.

Another news below throws up has some more interesting points:


There is no difference between the women who were subjected to domestic violence before 2005 and those who were later, as any differentiation would tantamount to denying the right of equality before law guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution, the court held.

From henceforth all judgments for all laws in force (esp for women) will be held in retrospective effect from the time the woman was conceived in the womb irrespective from when the law came into force. 

However currently, the courts will not grant relief for grief a woman may have felt in one of her past lives.  The Supreme Court is expected to suggest to government soon to make a constitutional amendment in all women related laws.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally government waking up to abuse of boys



…The other is that there will be redressal for the boy child in cases of molestation. A study by the ministry of women and child development shows that more boys suffer sexual abuse than girls and that one out of two children have suffered some form of molestation usually between the ages of 9 to 12. In the case of boys, only proven sodomy is an offence so far and does not take into account other forms of sexual offences or harassment. Already, the law has evolved mechanisms to lessen the trauma of child victims, providing them the means to have hearings at home. The same goes for women victims of sexual crimes.

So far, the definition of sexual crimes, particularly rape, has been in the context of women and the girl child. This seems to have led to a quantum increase in crimes against the boy child. In Delhi alone, a government study showed that far greater number of boys were abused than girls. This suggests that the boy child has little protection and that offenders have taken advantage of the gaps in the law. So far, the law has not taken other forms of sexual abuse, including verbal, seriously enough. This has encouraged offenders to get away with all manners of abuse short of rape. The next step is to sensitise the police, the first port of call for a victim, of the changes in the law and the need to treat all forms of sexual abuse seriously and in a gender-neutral manner.

Why marriage is a losing game for urban men?

The social reality for any kind of marriage has changed in India, I think after year 2001 or so. (Maybe it coincided with large scale job creation for middle classes).

Now, a woman who earns 1/3rd income of husband and gets housework done through maids etc paid for by husband; still thinks she is in some way superior to husband.  This is the effect of financial freedom (read parasitic freedom) and easy social environment for women in large cities at least.

Some women may actually be doing good work in managing both career and household, but the point I am making is not about contribution to family, but about respect for both spouses in marriage.

For example these days in urban areas, if a woman earns 5K per month, hubby earns 15K per month.  The power equation is not same as if woman earned 0, and hubby earned 10K.

Taking another example, a woman earns 15K per month, hubby earns 45K per month.  The power equation is not same as if woman earned 0, and hubby earned 30K.

In all such cases, woman has become more powerful, due to influence of like minded earning-women, and constant media talk of woman empowerment.  The gender biased laws are the final weapons for unscrupulous women which give them that audacity to go out to police and courts, and create havoc.  Much larger is the number of women who do not openly threaten their husbands but are simply dominating, and disrespectful to their men.  Men at the receiving end of such relationships may continue to suffer the abuse because:

  1. They are used to the marriage, marriage is a one in a lifetime affair for most Indians, and no one is prepared to even think about life after a broken marriage.
  2. Men with children fear for future and upbringing of children in a broken marriage.
  3. Many men are somewhat aware of the gender biased laws which wives/in-laws can use and make men run around courts, lawyers for long time to come, given pathetically slow justice in India.
  4. Men have the burden of manhood thrust on them by society.  A broken marriage casts automatic suspicion on man of being not manly enough in some way to be able to ‘control’ his wife.  Imbecile may be too strong a word, but many men worry about being labelled something close to that if their wife leaves them

Coming back to the analysis, how is a woman earning 15K vs hubby earning 45 K /mth become more powerful than hubby?

Well if she is one of feminist supremacists, she is.

She can file for DV, maintenance etc and expect to get 12-15K per month as maintenance.  Or more likely she will get hubby to knees by threat of legal and criminal cases and extort some financial favour and property etc.

So after maintenance case wife's income: 15K + 12K = 27K
And hubby's income: 45K - 12K = 33 K

Now they have come close to each other in terms of income.  And woman still has sympathy of society because no one is ready to believe yet that Indian women will tell outright lies about marriage.

If she has child with her, she can extract more in name of child, so she now becomes financially equally powerful as husband.

Most Indian courts will give custody to mothers unless the mother does not want custody and leaves child(ren) with husband.  So a man is set to lose both money, property, and children in case a woman is determined even a little bit to stick it to him.  The rest is taken care of by greedy lawyers, corruptible mediators, and a meek judiciary who cannot bear to stand up to women organisations’ (read feminists’) propaganda.

The laws and social reality in cities has tilted in favour of married women who want to bend the system to their will.  The system is ostensibly created to support needy and oppressed women, but in reality laws like Domestic violence act (PWDVA) etc were always meant to be abused to favour female supremacists’ agenda and create income for lawyers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You think feminism made US women happy? Data says just opposite

From a working paper published under aegis of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the happiness level of US women has been declining since 1970 to this date.  The abstract of the article is given below:


By many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.  The paradox of women’s declining relative well- being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.  Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men.  These declines have continued and a new gender gap is emerging—one with higher subjective well-being for men.  

This draft: May 12, 2009   

See graphic from page 35 of paper below:





Overall women do not seem to be doing worse than men, however the positive gap they had in happiness over men in 1970s has been closed in subsequent years.

Another poll graphic on page 36 paints a similar picture:



According to above life satisfaction survey, women were more satisfied than men before 1990 and less so after 1990.

Most convincing is results for US 12th graders as given in graphic on page 37 of paper:


It clearly says that among US 12th graders, men overtook women in happiness/ well-being index around 1985 and have been happier ever since. 

So will the feminists speak up what exactly they have been doing for women’s happiness during last 30-40 years?

Real reason why government wants ‘dowry evil’ to continue!

When there were few deaths of students due to ragging, there was much outcry and government showed its resolve to put an end to ragging by establishing an anti-ragging helpline.  See the information on anti-ragging helpline on website of department of higher education below:


Further the complaints on the number can be made in 10 languages.

Now our government is really ashamed of dowry deaths as per news below:


New Delhi, Mar 16 : Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar today said dowry death is a shame and a blot on the society.

Ms Kumar's observation came during Question Hour.

Earlier, Home Minister P Chidambaram emphasised that people who kill their young wives for the sake of dowry have to be punished.


So after having been ashamed enough, what better can government do to prevent dowry deaths?


You guessed it: start an anti-dowry helpline number in all Indian languages.

Anyone will be able to complain about any dowry giving in any wedding they happen to see.  In fact a small reward can be given to ‘informants’ and their identity can be kept secret so that they don’t have to face the ignominy of possibly breaking a marriage.

Will the government do it?  No.  Indians (parents of bride and bridegroom)  save for marriages and then splurge it around the marriage time.  This spending pattern means that many consumer goods and such industries are highly dependent on marriage spending.  It is in region of 50,000 crores per year and growing at 25% per year as per news below:


According to industry estimates, the Indian wedding market is worth Rs 50,000 crore and is growing at 25 % annually.

Depending on the size and grandeur, a wedding can cost anywhere between Rs 5 lakh-10 crore.

So curbing on dowry would mean all kind of gift-giving will have to be curbed.  That can work in foreign countries where couples save for their own needs for when they get married.  And then they may buy goods slowly over time rather than in one go.  In India however, the marriage spending is done primarily by parents since it is thought of as their responsibility by traditions.

If gift giving is curbed, then many industries will get hit hard and they will not want government to enact any real measure to stop dowry!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hillary Clinton at her sexist best, now targeting India

Here is news of recent speech of Hillary Clinton on women’s and girls’ issues:


Let’s look at the insidious and insistent campaign of feminists crying solely about injustice to women, while being completely silent on the fact that men are not doing any better.

and the continued enhancement of the status of women. “Women’s progress is human progress, and human progress is women’s progress,” she said.

Those words were clearly meant to echo Secretary Clinton’s own words 15 years ago when, as the US first lady, she told the World Conference on Women in Beijing: “Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.”

So earlier Human was meant to be Men + Women.

By new definition of feminists : Human = Woman

How can one be more sexist than that?

But women also encounter harrowing new challenges in some regions, including a spike in politically motivated sexual violence, Clinton said. Meanwhile, other crimes against women – including what she called “gendercide” and forced childhood marriages – remain dark blots on the world.

And if someone only did calculation of how many men have died in innumerable wars in history, including in 20th century, maybe you will come to realize the women were doing relatively much better!


Now, Clinton said that both she and President Obama are working from the perspective that the “subjugation” of women anywhere is a “threat to the national security of the United States, and ... a threat to the world.”

Go figure that one out… subjugation of women anywhere is threat to United States… and it is the same US who was trying to shake hands with “good Taliban” a while back!  I wonder how do the “good Taliban” treat women?

See how Indian judges don’t allow perjury on women!

This judgment below is just one example how the Indian judges treat women as precious commodity.  Read the sentences in bold below to see how the trial court blankly refused to prosecute a woman for perjury in her maintenance case.  The ostensible reason given is so that the parties can avoid undue complication of the matrimonial dispute.  As if people come to court to hug each other!




CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M)

Date of decision: 25-1-2010

Sunny Bhumbla .........Appellant Vs

Shashi .........Respondent CORAM:- HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE HARBANS LAL

Present: Shri K.S.Boparai, Advocate, for the appellant. HARBANS LAL, J.

This appeal is directed against the order dated 5.12.2008 Annexure
P-1 passed by the court of learned Civil Judge (Senior Division) Saheed Bhagat
Singh Nagar vide which he allowed the petition moved under Section 9 of the
Hindu Marriage Act, for restitution of conjugal rights leaving the parties to
bear their own costs and rejected the application moved under Section 195/340

I have heard the learned counsel for the appellant, besides
perusing the record with due care and circumspection. The learned counsel for
the appellant has submitted with great eloquence that after the respondent
admitted in her cross-examination about her employment, salary and inheritance
of the landed property, she again placed on record another affidavit dated
27.8.2008 solemnly affirming therein that she had inadvertently not mentioned
about the source of income as well as employment in the earlier affidavit dated
Thereafter the appellant moved an application under Section 195 of
Cr.P.C. for initiating proceedings against the respondent for submitting a
false affidavit CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 2 before the learned trial Court,
in order to get more maintenance from the appellant. The learned trial Court
had assured the appellant that his said application shall be decided alongwith
the main case.
While deciding the main petition, in paragraph No. 13 of the
judgment it has been observed that "in support of her claim for interim
maintenance under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the
respondent/applicant had made certain assertions, which were found to be
totally false and the same had apparently been done by her in a deliberate
manner. Consequently even an application for initiating suitable proceedings
against her on account of her having submitted a false affidavit was also filed
by the petitioner on 3.9.2008. Thereafter, the respondent did not press her
claim for interim maintenance, but the same did not absolve her of the
liability of the aforesaid lapse. This court, however, does not wish to
initiate any such proceedings against the respondent with the hope that sooner
or later, the parties may be in a position to resolve their dispute or else
this young couple may adopt such other means so that they can part their ways
in a peaceful manner and therefore, with a view to avoid undue complication of
the matrimonial dispute, no action on account of submitting of the above false
affidavit etc. is being initiated against the respondent."

It is further argued that the learned trial Court has overlooked
the fact that the respondent has used the false affidavit in the judicial
proceedings. Therefore, all the ingredients of the offences of cheating,
forging and perjury etc. are made out and consequently, the order passed by the
learned trial Court in not initiating the proceedings under Section 195 read
with Section 340 Cr.P.C. is illegal.

CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 3 I have given a deep and thoughtful
consideration to these submissions.

A careful perusal of the observations rendered by the learned trial
Court in paragraph No. 13 of the impugned judgment would reveal that there is
not even a shred of reference to the application moved under Section 195 read
with Section 340 Cr.P.C. This apart, no specific reasons have been apportioned
for not initiating the action on the basis of the alleged affidavit. The said
application having been moved under the provisions of the Code of Criminal
Procedure was required to be disposed of separately. It was not desirable on
the part of the learned trial Court to decide the said application in a slip
shod manner by making mere passing reference to the alleged affidavit. In the
application moved under Section 340 of the Cr.P.C. if the Court deems fit,the
inquiry has to be held whereas in the present one, the impugned order is
absolutely silent as to whether or not inquiry was held. There is specific
procedure which is to be followed while disposing of an application moved under
Section 340 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Section 340 of the Criminal
Procedure Code reads as under:-

"340.Procedure in cases mentioned in Sec.195--(1) When, upon an
application made to it in this behalf or otherwise any Court is of the opinion
that it is expedient in the interest of justice that an inquiry should be made
into any offence referred to to in cl (b) of sub-section (1) of Section 195,
which appears to have been committed in or in relation to to a proceeding in
that Court, or as the case may be, in respect of of a document produced or
given in evidence in a proceeding in that Court, CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 4
such Court may, after such preliminary inquiry, if any, as it thinks necessary.

(a) record a finding to that effect.

(b) make a complaint thereof in writing

(c) send it to a Magistrate of the first class having jurisdiction.

(d) take sufficient security for the appearance of the accused before
such Magistrate, or if the alleged offence is non- bailable and the Court
thinks it necessary so to do, send the accused in custody to such Magistrate;
and (e) bind over any person to appear and give evidence before such

(2) The power conferred on a Court by sub-section (1) in respect of an
offence may, in any case where that Court has neither made a complaint under
sub-section (1) in respect of that offence nor rejected an application for the
making of such complaint, be exercised by the Court to which such former Court
is subordinate within the meaning of sub-section (4) of Sec.195.

(3) A complaint made under this section shall be signed (a)
where the Court making complaint is a High Court, by such officer of the Court
as the Court may appoint.

(b) in any other case, by the presiding officer of the Court,

(4) In this section, "Court" has the same meaning as in CRA No.
197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 5 Sec.195."

A glance through the impugned order would reveal that the learned
trial Court has given a go by to the provisions of Section 340 Cr.P.C. The
approach adopted by the learned trial Court is unwholesome and is depreciable.
The impugned order is absolutely silent as to whether the application has been
dismissed or allowed, if so for which reasons. In consequence of the preceding
discussion the trial Court is directed to decide the application under
discussion in accordance with law. This appeal stands disposed of accordingly.



January 25, 2010


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