Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hillary Clinton’s letter to Indian women: more lies

Hillary Clinton is at it again to ever confuse women empowerment with female supremacy and is now spreading her male-hate message in garb of addressing women leaders of India.

Secretary Clinton's letter to women leaders in India

Just one excerpt from letter:

As you come together today, you recognize that economic progress and democratic progress depend on women's progress.  You recognize that the freedom and empowerment of women helps them to flourish, and that when women flourish, families flourish, whole communities flourish and entire nations flourish.

This is just one example how issues like poverty, opportunity, discrimination are now being women-ified under feminist discourse.  It is not important to take care of other half (men) of society.  Help women only, and everything will become fine!

The other point is the same feminists are ever ready to break families, let children grow without fathers, and then have the guts to talk about welfare of families and communities.

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