Wednesday, March 10, 2010

70% of all BJP MPs are opposed to Women Reservation Bill 

“At least seventy per cent of MPs are protesting against the women’s reservation Bill and the way the party supported the Bill despite marshals being used in Rajya Sabha. Top leaders of the party have assured that grievances of the MPs will be taken into account,” Bais told The Indian Express, adding that Murli Manohar Joshi and Yashwant Sinha had already held the first round of discussions.

I would not be too surprised at such a statistic.  After all, the resentment against 33% women’s reservation has been suppressed only because of overall media championing and political-correctness of the ‘cause’ of women empowerment.  No body of any importance wants to be seen voicing opinion against women reservation in parliament, because they will be labelled as Neanderthals, or male chauvinist pig, or something like that.

Countries like Germany have women reservation in parliament but it is not by proposed lottery system of making a constituency reserved.  The political parties there have to make sure 30% or so of women candidates are selected by them to represent people.

Evidently, the masters of our fate have decided that giving responsibility of ensuring women’s representation to political parties will not work!  It is a strange argument where the politicians attempt to ignore a much better legislation on the ground that they are incompetent to practise the much better law.

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