Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i-VAWA is all Woozles

The RADAR organisation has published several flyers against international VAWA (Violence against Women Act), an act which aims to export the much-successful policies of family-breaking and social upheaval of western feminists to other countries, now that their captive markets have seen saturation and backlash.

What is a a woozle:

A “woozle” is a one-sided or fictitious claim
designed to influence public opinion. Many
woozles are found in the proposed International
Violence Against Women Act:

The Woozles from above flyer are:

  1. Only women are victims of domestic violence
  2. When women engage in partner violence, it is typically done in self-defence
  3. Domestic violence is caused by abusers’ need for power and control
  4. Society condones violence against women
  5. There is no cause for concern for violence against men

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