Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mulayam Yadav cites danger about males missing in parliament

I was pleased to note that the danger of males being left out of parliament posted on this blog a while ago is now being voiced by Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav.  He deserves some respect for this because there are very few politicians who are doing straight talk about provisions of WRB which are a clear infringement on Indian men’s constitutional rights.  So it seems that the message about ills of present women’s reservation bill are spreading and politicians are not afraid to voice them.


He said not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha 10 years after the bill comes into force and advocated quota for the fairer sex within political parties.

"Once the bill comes into force, not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha after 10 years as elected women would not leave their seats, nor the political parties would be in a position to replace them," he said.

Advocating reservation for women within political parties instead, Yadav said it should be made mandatory for them to give 15% tickets to women.

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