Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NCW facing resistance from Family oriented organisations

Accusing the National Commission of Women (NCW) of being "biased", three national level organisations that are active in combating dowry harassment and other atrocities against women, said the body "should change its name to the national commission of daughters-in-law".

You bet!  there can be other possible names for NCW like:

  1. National Commission for Wives
  2. National Commission for Promoting Feminism
  3. National Commission for Family-Destruction
  4. National Commission for Young Reproductive Females (who are so crucial to feminazis’ cause)

Also from the news:

"India should be prevented from becoming an anti-marriage, anti-family, fatherless 'welfare state'. Laws and policies must be based on the principles of equity and fairness and not on radical feminist ideologies and false statistics. The feminist culture of mass irresponsibility should be done away with", said Manjit Puri coordinator of APMPA's local unit.

It is clearly feminist influence on NCW that it pushes for changes in laws which absolve young reproductive women of all responsibilities relating to marriage, relationships, or children.  On the other hand it pushes for laws which pronounce men as guilty before trial and beholden to give their life and liberty away for feminists’ cause of providing money to the State so that irresponsible young reproductive women can be taken care of by State, at men’s expense.

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