Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rape of men and boys can not be brushed away

According to a UK study, 8% of recorded rape victims are male.

Rape is not just a women's issue

According to the Stern Review, the victim is male in around 8% of all recorded rape cases. The unrecorded figure is thought to be far higher.

Rape and sexual assault are seen as women's issues – the victims are female, the perpetrators male. But it is no longer acceptable to pretend, as some do, that rape and sexual assault are only committed by men against women. The proportion of men who go on to report sexual assault is extremely low and the number of victims greater than the government or media coverage would suggest. Male rape victims face an enormous amount of social prejudice in coming forward. One organisation working with male victims told the Stern Review: "Very few men will access the police to report a rape, they don't want to feel less of a man, don't want to be regarded as gay."

If the logic of sexual abuse and rape laws exclusive to women because most victims are females, was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males. 

Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Now men have to wake up and change the biased laws they helped create!

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