Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When men forgive women

This 19 Feb news of 2 Iranian women assaulting police officers in Bangalore was was covered in all Bangalore papers.


What is interesting is one of the assaulted cops saying he has forgiven the women.   Nothing wrong in that per se, after all this is reputedly the country of Mahatma Gandhi and Ahimsa parmo dharma.  Let us get a glimpse of the events:

She allegedly broke open the side box of Rao’s patrol bike and took back the insurance documents her friend had handed him. Fazile allegedly tried to drive away in the car. Rao closed the barricade. Police say she then assaulted Rao all over his body and kicked his private parts.

She also bit him on his hand and punched his face. Fatima also assaulted Rao.

Rao fell after he was kicked on his private parts and sat on the road median. Other motorists came to Rao’s rescue and some damaged the girls’ car.



“Forgiveness is the best revenge. I am ready to forgive the women. But as a government servant, I will go by whatever my senior police officers want me to do,” he said. My family saw the news on TV. “They telephoned me and started crying
after they learnt that I had been assaulted.”

All this is fine, I wonder what would have been the public reaction if it was 2 male drunk drivers stopped by a female cop, and then the cop was assaulted by one of the male drivers!  Maybe a push on her chest will automatically qualify as sexual assault, whereas a woman kicking male cop in the groin is all game!  It is difficult to think a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness on her part, and that apart the men themselves will come to her defence.

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