Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fake Taliban video to demonize men?

Sent by Stan Rains:

For those who recall the international furor over the video of the Taliban publicly whipping a girl for being seen in public with a married man, , it has been recently announced after a criminal investigation that the video was a fake.  An NGO or private group with a special interest created the video and paid all present who participated in the event, including the girl who is supposedly being whipped.

I am not defending the Taliban, I am addressing the lack of truth and balance in reporting gender issues.   The video was meant to wrongly demonize men.  It was presented as truth of abuse of girls by men with the intent to stir emotions.   It is propaganda.  The video is a lie.  It relies on man-hate myth to attempt to discredit a group that has already discredited itself, the Taliban.  The only real agenda is to associate men with abuse of women and children.   The violence of the Taliban in its murder of innocent men, women, and children is well known and needs no fraudulent video to make the point.

The video made national news around the world on the major media networks.  But, there is very little on the exposing of the fraud and the admissions of the participants, including the girl and child witnesses present for the filming of the fake video.
A quick Google search on this topic will provide you with the handful of news operations reporting the Pakistani government's exposure of this fraud.

This is just one more example of the major media becoming a disconnected dinosaur destined for extinction because of their imbalance of reporting.

Thanks to the Pakistani parents rights activists who have recently made the rest of the world aware of this newly exposed feminist fraud.

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