Friday, March 12, 2010

Do men see societal structures oppressing them?

There is a nice article here on discussion about structures in society and how feminism is able to exploit discussion around societal structures well to benefit their cause.  Why are men unable to look at some of societal structures as being harmful to men or putting too much burden on them?  I guess the reason is men are trained to be self-reliant and in protector and provider mindset most of the time.  So read about some of the societal expectations about men (some of them true more in West) as given in the article.

In the field of gender issues, this means that the only way to combat misandry and the prevailing perception that men are a privileged group that willfully oppresses women, is to describe how cultural and societal structures keep men stuck in their own kind of straitjacket:

  • It is a man’s job to keep society safe. This cultural expectation means that men are expendable in wars and in dangerous jobs.
  • Cultural expectations of men are narrow. Be successful. If you have a family make sure you support it. If you fail at these tasks, there’s no place for you in society. This in turn leads to men being 3-5 times as likely as women to be homeless or commit suicide.
  • The societal structure that is our educational system produces far more women than men who go to college and university.
  • Men’s harsh reality under the current structures leads large amounts of random street violence between men.

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