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Rape by women, and why gender biased laws are evil

Two newspaper articles below show the reality of rape by women.  Anyone in Indian government or legislature who is making laws only to protect women must be having their eyes closed, or waiting for a near and dear one to be sexually abused or raped by a woman, before they admit reluctantly to it.

Interesting point is: the feminists always protest against making sexual abuse laws to be gender neutral.  If the same logic was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males.  Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Enough rave and rant, now the 2 news items below:

University of California, Santa Barbara

Rape by Women


Although it is not commonly reported, or even discussed, females commit a significant number of rapes. It has been estimated that around 10,000 rapes committed each year in the United States are perpetrated by women. In fact, many experts believe that this number is an under representation, due to the fact that female rapes are very rarely reported.


Victims of female rape are usually older, weaker, or handicapped. Frequently, female rapists use objects to sodomize, rape, and overpower their victims. However, most females accused of rape are accomplices to male rapists and do not physically violate the victim.
Children are the most frequent victims of female rape. This usually takes form in statutory rape, or sexual intercourse between an adult woman and a consenting minor. Studies have shown that women involved in these relations are frequently seeking a substitute lover because they are alone, have a low self-worth, or are in a bad or violent relationship. Female rape of children can also take the form of incest or child molestation. In both of these cases, victims are not likely to come forward because the perpetrator is female.

Why Women Rape

Studies have shown that female rapists are driven by the same forces as their male counterparts: power, hostility, violence, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, and opportunity. Many female rapists were themselves victims of rape, incest or molestation at some point in life. Also, female accomplices to male rapists are commonly forced by threat of bodily harm to help in the perpetration of the crime.

Male Victims of Female Rape

Female rapes of men go largely unreported by male victims, and few men seek counseling or support. Men who do talk about their experience show similar effects as female victims of rape: loss of self-esteem, self-blame, fear of intimacy, and depression. Because many states do not include women in their rape statutes, female rapists go largely unpunished. Men are also discouraged from bringing female rapists to trial for fear that a judge or jury will not believe their story.


Women can rape men too

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, when he was 12. And you thought only men could rape women, there's a darker side to the truth? Read on...

Rohan Mon, Jan 12, 2009 17:54:47 IST

THERE IS a false notion among people that all rapists are men and that women can never rape men or commit sexual crimes on men. This article intends to educate the society about the darker side of the truth and to get men shed their false ego that men alone can rape.

A glaring example of reverse case is that of an Indian origin female teacher and director at an exclusive Manhattan private school who was, a couple of years ago, charged with statutory rape and sodomy of two male pupils.

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, which encourages pupils to learn and develop their creativity at their own pace, when he was 12, assistant district attorney Florence Chapin told the court.

Sinha began sexual liaisons with the other boy, now a New York City police officer, when he was 13 and she was 29, the prosecutor said, adding that the liaison lasted for years.

Earlier, Sinha was charged with crime against just one boy. Later, Chapin disclosed the case of the second boy during a hearing in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, in which she told Justice Carol Berkman that Sinha was now charged with 81 crimes. Chapin had asked the judge to set the teacher's bail at $ 100,000.

Prosecutors had said Sinha had family ties in India and could possibly flee.

Chapin said Sinha, on administrative leave from the school on Manhattan's East Side, began a sexual relationship with the first pupil in June, 1996, when he was a 13-year-old, an eighth-grader. She was charged in October 2005, with raping him.

When he had tried to end the affair in 2004, Chapin said, "Sinha tried to ruin his life by making up heinous allegations that he raped a young girl and then made separate allegations that he also brutally assaulted the defendant (Sinha)."

Sinha assumed another person's identity on at least 10 occasions in 2004-05 to file rape charges in person, by telephone and by e-mail, claiming the policeman had raped her niece, the prosecutor had said.

Investigators found the person whose identity Sinha had assumed and that person said she did not have a niece, had never reported any rape and did not know the victim or the defendant, the prosecutor said.

The officer reported his former relationship with Sinha to police after the teacher tried to frame him and about a week before the five-year statute of limitations on her sex crimes would have expired, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said Sinha could not be charged with improper sexual contact with her former pupil after he turned 17 because that is the age of consent in New York State.

Meanwhile, in January 2001, Sinha began a sexual liaison with the second pupil, who was 12 and in the seventh grade, Chapin said.

Besides rape and sodomy, Sinha was charged with criminal impersonation, bribing a witness, tampering with physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a child and falsely reporting an incident. If convicted on the rape or sodomy charges, she would face up to 25 years in prison.

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