Monday, March 15, 2010

Could women take over the whole parliament excluding men?

Someone sent this analysis of Women’s reservation bill in its present form, wherein seats are reserved for women candidates only by rotation in every election.  It does look like a scary scenario, given the fact that as of now, a woman candidate has higher chance of being elected (1 in 12) compared to a man (1 in 15) in Lok Sabha.  So although only few women candidates stand for elections right now, the electorate has shown a preference for women candidates overall.  It could also be that since only few women candidates are given tickets by political parties, these few women are better candidates compared to men.


The WRB rotation formula is a big conspiracy of radical feminists.

Consider Below:
33% Reservation to women means

Consider the case with only 3 seats(suppose there are only 3 seats in parliament)

after WRB becomes a law

First seat reserved so any woman and only woman will be elected.

SECOND ELECTION after 5 years
First seat will be open seat now but again the woman who won earlier could contest this seat and most likely to win if she has done good work for constituency.

The 2nd seat is reserved for woman so only woman will win on this seat . SO AFTER 5 YEARs there will be 2 women against these 3 seats and its 66%.

THIRD ELECTION after 10 years
Now the women earlier contested on 1 & 2nd seats in earlier election will be having strong possibility of winning if they have served the constituency well.

Now the 3rd seat will be reserved for women so only women can win. So in all the 3 seats there will be women and its 99% women.
So after (3 elections) 15 years there will be hardly any male parliamentarian in idle situation.

This is the actual rationale behind this WRB. Now those (Males) who are with the Women reservation please apply mind and act accordingly.


Although this could be scary scenario for men candidates, however the assumption in above analysis is that the women candidates always do good work for constituency when they were elected on woman-only seat, so that the electorate rewards them next time when they stand for same seat which is now open to men and women.  So if women are winning by doing good work, then why the hell there is need for reserving seats?  Let political parties give enough seats to women (say at least 33%) to contest and let it be a be a fair match while upholding democratic values too.

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