Monday, March 15, 2010

Women empowerment – Chinese way

Some Chinese women have taken to dancing on streets in underwear in a bid to attract men/husbands.  And I thought the sex-ratio in China was skewed towards men, so actually it should be men doing a show on the street to attract women for marriage!

Well girls, don’t blame men if you can’t find husbands.

A group of masked women caused controversy in China by dancing in the street in their underwear in a bid to find husbands.

The eight young women said they were coming under intense pressure from their families to settle down before "it was too late".
They braved the weather to strip down to their bras and pants outside a subway station in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, and danced for passers-by.

The girls handed out sheets of paper with their personal details and the kind of men they hoped to marry, reports Guangzhou Daily.
And they held boards with slogans such as: 'Brother, marry me!', 'My mom is pushing me for marriage!', and 'Time flies, let's date!'.

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