Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CEDAW: or how I invited UN to destroy my family and country

The flyer below from RADAR gives the basic information about the nefarious designs and activities of organisations affiliated to United Nations.

CEDAW is a treaty promoted by the United
Nations. CEDAW stands for the Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against

CEDAW has a committee of 23 U.N. “gender
experts” that enforce compliance with the treaty.
These are some of the enforcement actions the
committee has taken in recent years:
•  Told China to de-criminalize prostitution.
•  Criticized Ireland for the role of religion in
•  Censured Belarus for observing Mother’s Day.

Concerned Women for America warned, “CEDAW
is fundamentally flawed…The United States should
not give our prestige, nor subject our citizens, to

When a UN’s convention aims to de-criminalize prostitution and also censure Mother’s Day at the same time, you know who is behind it – the feminazis and female supremacists.

And the Domestic Violence industry (the bureaucracy, lawyers, judiciary) wants us to believe that families are the worst oppressors of women:

The Department of Justice reports that only 2% of
aggressive incidents between partners involve
married couples who live together.

The intact family is the safest place for women and men.

But the well-financed domestic violence industry
wants you to believe the opposite – that the best
way to stop abuse is to break up families.

The most tragi-comic incident is hardly credulous, but you have to stretch your beliefs when dealing with the feminazis:

Talk-show host David Letterman was accused of
committing domestic violence against a woman that he
had never met or heard of. A New Mexico judge
granted a restraining order against Letterman on the
grounds that he had harassed the woman with mental
telepathic messages and televised facial gestures. The
case was eventually dismissed.

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