Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NCW trying to become more powerful and more pathetic

Now NCW wants to be able to prosecute men, even in criminal complaints!  This could be a long dreamt wish come true for diehard men-hating Indian feminists.  Unfortunately for them, there will be definitely some people in government with brains who will not allow a quasi-women rights body to assume powers of criminal justice system.


A bigger and stronger National Commission for Women to ensure implementation of women-related laws and investigation of complaints is in the offing.

As of now, the women rights watchdog has powers of a civil court but cannot investigate complaints or prosecute accused and initiate action against those who refuse to follow NCW orders, thereby rendering it toothless.

This is set to change with Women and Child Development minister Krishna Tirath seeking 24 changes in the NCW Act, 1990, bringing it at par with National Human Rights Commission and National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

“Millions of women look up to the institution for day-to-day support. It is very necessary to scale up the institution’s capacity and infrastructure,” Tirath said in a letter written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 9. “We need to make NCW vibrant, dynamic body, capable to address women's issues more effectively and intensely.”

Oh please… millions of women look to NCW for day to day support?  We know that feminism and hyperbole go hand in hand, but at least tell some lies which can be gulped easily by public without bursting the food pipe.

The amendment proposed in the NCW Act, once enacted, would change how the commission works.  The government also proposes to give NCW power to prosecute a person, against whom evidence of committing a criminal offence against a woman is found. “The amendment will provide succour to women who fail to get justice from existing government institutions,” a ministry official said.

Evidence of committing a criminal offence?  So now NCW will assume powers of courts of finding evidence, conducting a trial, punishing the guilty and so on.  Keep dreaming you nutty feminists!

It has also suggested that tenure of the chairperson and members should be for minimum three years. The chairperson would be of the rank of Cabinet Secretary and members of Secretary.

So grabbing some power is the real reason isn’t it.  I mean if this sole demand was met, all the rest could as well go to the dustbin.  NCW chairperson is so eager to be treated on par with cabinet secretaries, the highest bureaucratic post in government!

Tirath has sought PM’s approval to appoint Kapila Vatsayan, a Rajya Sabha member, as a head of the committee to consider suggestions to make NCW a “vibrant and a meaningful body”. The ministry also plans to hold a meeting of all former chairpersons and members of NCW and presents members of State Commissions for Women to draw a strategy for making women commissions a powerful body to ensure women emancipation.

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