Thursday, March 11, 2010

Benefits of patriarchy – boy gets counselled instead of rapist female teacher

It can happen only in India.  The feminists are always up in arms against any kind of patriarchy they deem to be oppressing women. 

What do they have to say about the benefits of patriarchy to women, when a 15 year old boy is held responsible for running away with his 21 year old female teacher!

15 year old boy gets counselling for eloping with 21 year old female teacher!

Police says there is no proof of the two getting married.  Wow!  I wonder what the police will say if the story was like this:

15 year old girl runs away and gets married with 21 year old male teacher!

Surely the male teacher will get slapped with all kinds of charges including rape of minor, abduction, illegal confinement, and so on. 

But the feminists will never want women empowerment to reach a stage where women can be held responsible for their actions and crimes.  After all, it is female supremacy they are after, not women empowerment.

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