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Rape of men and boys can not be brushed away

According to a UK study, 8% of recorded rape victims are male.

Rape is not just a women's issue

According to the Stern Review, the victim is male in around 8% of all recorded rape cases. The unrecorded figure is thought to be far higher.

Rape and sexual assault are seen as women's issues – the victims are female, the perpetrators male. But it is no longer acceptable to pretend, as some do, that rape and sexual assault are only committed by men against women. The proportion of men who go on to report sexual assault is extremely low and the number of victims greater than the government or media coverage would suggest. Male rape victims face an enormous amount of social prejudice in coming forward. One organisation working with male victims told the Stern Review: "Very few men will access the police to report a rape, they don't want to feel less of a man, don't want to be regarded as gay."

If the logic of sexual abuse and rape laws exclusive to women because most victims are females, was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males. 

Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Now men have to wake up and change the biased laws they helped create!

Hillary Clinton’s letter to Indian women: more lies

Hillary Clinton is at it again to ever confuse women empowerment with female supremacy and is now spreading her male-hate message in garb of addressing women leaders of India.

Secretary Clinton's letter to women leaders in India

Just one excerpt from letter:

As you come together today, you recognize that economic progress and democratic progress depend on women's progress.  You recognize that the freedom and empowerment of women helps them to flourish, and that when women flourish, families flourish, whole communities flourish and entire nations flourish.

This is just one example how issues like poverty, opportunity, discrimination are now being women-ified under feminist discourse.  It is not important to take care of other half (men) of society.  Help women only, and everything will become fine!

The other point is the same feminists are ever ready to break families, let children grow without fathers, and then have the guts to talk about welfare of families and communities.

Pathetic NCW tries its luck again with Supreme Court

If the news of NCW mismanaging its funds was not enough, here they go again at wasting more funds on non-issues.

Kicking bahu not cruelty? SC to review

The National Commission for Women, through counsel Aparna Bhat, moved a curative petition requesting reconsideration of the judgment in the case between Bhaskar Lal Sharma and his daughter-in-law Monica. Curative petitions normally have a 99% failure rate in the apex court.

NCW said the ruling would defeat the very purpose of the provision to protect women from cruelty and harassment in matrimonial homes.

Yeah… if you define cruelty to woman the way a feminist defines: “like he looked at me in a strange way, and I was terrified”

NCW had reflected the views of Karat who had said the apex court's decision would only "further deepen the miseries of women and undo the effect of various legislations passed for the emancipation of women".

Oh please, the revered section 498a of IPC that is being talked about has less than 1% conviction rate.  300-400 times no of men and families are being arrested under this law for emancipation of 1 woman!  People from other planets will have to put behind bars before all women in India could be emancipated by usage of this law.

The NCW said in its petition: "The manner in which `cruelty' is defined makes it clear that each condition is exclusive to each other. Hence, section 498A is not confined to dowry demand. It includes demand for dowry and resultant harassment caused to women but also includes cruelty in matrimony caused to the women without the demand for dowry."

And NCW fails to mention that the cruelty must of of kind to threaten life or limb of woman, or such mental cruelty which could drive her to commit suicide.

Who needs fathers: BBC documentary

BBC is recently doing a documentary on cruel system in UK denying fathers access to their children.

Agony of the frozen-out fathers: BBC documentary


Watching a preview of next week’s BBC series Who Needs Fathers?, I felt ashamed to be a woman. The men on the programme appeared to be loving, attentive fathers – not extremists in Batman costumes. All they wanted was to play their part in the upbringing of their children. But, at every turn, it seemed, vengeful, short-sighted women were selfishly trying to thwart them.

Further there are some statistics on number of children who are growing up without fathers, the figures do not seem much different from India’s:

Too few children are growing up with that balance. Ninety three per cent of children live with their mother after a separation, and half then lose touch with the non-resident parent. That’s a tragedy not only for the fathers, but for the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who would otherwise provide a support network for those children.

The most tragic part is that such an initiative by BBC to highlight injustice to fathers may be the first and last:

Despite fears that speaking out will harm participants’ contact arrangements, Fielden is glad to have found the brief window of opportunity in which to tell their stories. Last year, it became legal to report on the family courts, but a Bill is going through Parliament that would make it impossible, once again, to film people who have been involved in family legal disputes. “It’s unlikely that we would ever again be able to make a programme about this important issue,” she says.

Rape by women, and why gender biased laws are evil

Two newspaper articles below show the reality of rape by women.  Anyone in Indian government or legislature who is making laws only to protect women must be having their eyes closed, or waiting for a near and dear one to be sexually abused or raped by a woman, before they admit reluctantly to it.

Interesting point is: the feminists always protest against making sexual abuse laws to be gender neutral.  If the same logic was applied to murder statistics, then murder laws should be applicable only against males.  Because in India, more than one lakh people are murdered every year and 90 % are male.

More than two lakh people die in accidents and 85% are male.

So if feminists’ logic of using statistics to push for gender biased laws was true, then laws related to murder should apply only to murder of males, and accident compensation should be given only to men!

Enough rave and rant, now the 2 news items below:

University of California, Santa Barbara

Rape by Women


Although it is not commonly reported, or even discussed, females commit a significant number of rapes. It has been estimated that around 10,000 rapes committed each year in the United States are perpetrated by women. In fact, many experts believe that this number is an under representation, due to the fact that female rapes are very rarely reported.


Victims of female rape are usually older, weaker, or handicapped. Frequently, female rapists use objects to sodomize, rape, and overpower their victims. However, most females accused of rape are accomplices to male rapists and do not physically violate the victim.
Children are the most frequent victims of female rape. This usually takes form in statutory rape, or sexual intercourse between an adult woman and a consenting minor. Studies have shown that women involved in these relations are frequently seeking a substitute lover because they are alone, have a low self-worth, or are in a bad or violent relationship. Female rape of children can also take the form of incest or child molestation. In both of these cases, victims are not likely to come forward because the perpetrator is female.

Why Women Rape

Studies have shown that female rapists are driven by the same forces as their male counterparts: power, hostility, violence, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, and opportunity. Many female rapists were themselves victims of rape, incest or molestation at some point in life. Also, female accomplices to male rapists are commonly forced by threat of bodily harm to help in the perpetration of the crime.

Male Victims of Female Rape

Female rapes of men go largely unreported by male victims, and few men seek counseling or support. Men who do talk about their experience show similar effects as female victims of rape: loss of self-esteem, self-blame, fear of intimacy, and depression. Because many states do not include women in their rape statutes, female rapists go largely unpunished. Men are also discouraged from bringing female rapists to trial for fear that a judge or jury will not believe their story.


Women can rape men too

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, when he was 12. And you thought only men could rape women, there's a darker side to the truth? Read on...

Rohan Mon, Jan 12, 2009 17:54:47 IST

THERE IS a false notion among people that all rapists are men and that women can never rape men or commit sexual crimes on men. This article intends to educate the society about the darker side of the truth and to get men shed their false ego that men alone can rape.

A glaring example of reverse case is that of an Indian origin female teacher and director at an exclusive Manhattan private school who was, a couple of years ago, charged with statutory rape and sodomy of two male pupils.

Lina Sinha, 40, began having sex with one of the pupils at the private Montessori International School of New York, which encourages pupils to learn and develop their creativity at their own pace, when he was 12, assistant district attorney Florence Chapin told the court.

Sinha began sexual liaisons with the other boy, now a New York City police officer, when he was 13 and she was 29, the prosecutor said, adding that the liaison lasted for years.

Earlier, Sinha was charged with crime against just one boy. Later, Chapin disclosed the case of the second boy during a hearing in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, in which she told Justice Carol Berkman that Sinha was now charged with 81 crimes. Chapin had asked the judge to set the teacher's bail at $ 100,000.

Prosecutors had said Sinha had family ties in India and could possibly flee.

Chapin said Sinha, on administrative leave from the school on Manhattan's East Side, began a sexual relationship with the first pupil in June, 1996, when he was a 13-year-old, an eighth-grader. She was charged in October 2005, with raping him.

When he had tried to end the affair in 2004, Chapin said, "Sinha tried to ruin his life by making up heinous allegations that he raped a young girl and then made separate allegations that he also brutally assaulted the defendant (Sinha)."

Sinha assumed another person's identity on at least 10 occasions in 2004-05 to file rape charges in person, by telephone and by e-mail, claiming the policeman had raped her niece, the prosecutor had said.

Investigators found the person whose identity Sinha had assumed and that person said she did not have a niece, had never reported any rape and did not know the victim or the defendant, the prosecutor said.

The officer reported his former relationship with Sinha to police after the teacher tried to frame him and about a week before the five-year statute of limitations on her sex crimes would have expired, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said Sinha could not be charged with improper sexual contact with her former pupil after he turned 17 because that is the age of consent in New York State.

Meanwhile, in January 2001, Sinha began a sexual liaison with the second pupil, who was 12 and in the seventh grade, Chapin said.

Besides rape and sodomy, Sinha was charged with criminal impersonation, bribing a witness, tampering with physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a child and falsely reporting an incident. If convicted on the rape or sodomy charges, she would face up to 25 years in prison.

NCW is helping itself with taxpayer money, but just not helping women

Fresh news breaks about National Commission for Women’s wayward ways with taxpayer money:

Audit raps NCW for huge backlog, spendthrift ways

NEW DELHI: * Of the 12,895 complaints that came to National Commission for Women (NCW) between 2008-09, only a little over half (7,509) were addressed. Of these, only 14% could be disposed of.

Conclusion: The words Accountability and NCW should never be used in the same sentence.

* Out of the 22 NGOs or individuals that were given grants worth Rs 22 lakh for research projects, 15 have not even submitted an interim report.

Conclusion: What a women’s NGO does with taxpayer money is nobody else’s business.

* Mandatory requirements like jail visits to assess living conditions of women have not been made for the past 4 years.

These observations, made by the Comptroller & Auditor General's (CAG) inspection report, indicate the malaise that has crept into the NCW. The commission, set up to mitigate hardships and address concerns of women, has run into rough weather itself.

The inspection found that of the 12,895 cases, 7,509 were taken up. Of these, only 1,077 were disposed of.

Admitting that the commission was battling a huge backlog of cases, NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said, "The rate of disposal is low because of several reasons. We lack trained manpower and resources. We are at present managing with a small staff whereas the number of complaints has been steadily increasing. Several of the complaints that come to us are being fought in court. We cannot send people away on the plea that the matter is subjudice. But I am concerned about the large number of cases and have demanded additional trained manpower."

Another major lapse pointed out by the audit report is that no jail visit -- as mandated under the NCW Act -- was made between 2006-2007 to 2008-2009. Also, grants amounting to Rs 23.30 lakh were made to 22 NGOs/individuals between 2005-2006 and 2008-2009. Of these 22 cases, even the interim report was not received in 15 cases after a lapse of 5 to 30 months. Incidentally, the commission has not even initiated any action to recover the grant from the defaulters who failed to comply with the time schedule prescribed.

The inspection report notes that "the internal control in the NCW to monitor timely submission of interim/final reports was ineffective in monitoring the compliance to the terms of the research study grant/assistance".

Comment: To spread male-hatred in name of gender studies requires no research grant, just willingness to shout about gender injustice and party on with the money women NGOs get.

Vyas said the commission was in the process of scrutinising each case and blacklisting the NGOs that had failed to perform. "We are now giving research studies to universities and state commissions to avoid these problems. We also plan to blacklist those who have been unable to deliver," Vyas said.

Comment: Interested activists should file an RTI on NCW to find out the blacklist soon.  It is your money they are playing with and spreading anti-male lies with that.

Other irregularities pointed out by CAG include irregular payment of pay and allowances amounting to Rs 71.68 lakh against lapsed posts, excessive expenditure on seminars and meetings amounting to over Rs 32 lakh and travel allowance and daily allowance claims that the inspection report was unable to verify.

Vyas, however, said all these financial objections raised by the audit had been addressed. "We have replied to all the objections raised by the CAG on financial irregularities to their satisfaction," she said.

Fake Taliban video to demonize men?

Sent by Stan Rains:

For those who recall the international furor over the video of the Taliban publicly whipping a girl for being seen in public with a married man, , it has been recently announced after a criminal investigation that the video was a fake.  An NGO or private group with a special interest created the video and paid all present who participated in the event, including the girl who is supposedly being whipped.

I am not defending the Taliban, I am addressing the lack of truth and balance in reporting gender issues.   The video was meant to wrongly demonize men.  It was presented as truth of abuse of girls by men with the intent to stir emotions.   It is propaganda.  The video is a lie.  It relies on man-hate myth to attempt to discredit a group that has already discredited itself, the Taliban.  The only real agenda is to associate men with abuse of women and children.   The violence of the Taliban in its murder of innocent men, women, and children is well known and needs no fraudulent video to make the point.

The video made national news around the world on the major media networks.  But, there is very little on the exposing of the fraud and the admissions of the participants, including the girl and child witnesses present for the filming of the fake video.
A quick Google search on this topic will provide you with the handful of news operations reporting the Pakistani government's exposure of this fraud.

This is just one more example of the major media becoming a disconnected dinosaur destined for extinction because of their imbalance of reporting.

Thanks to the Pakistani parents rights activists who have recently made the rest of the world aware of this newly exposed feminist fraud.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mulayam Yadav cites danger about males missing in parliament

I was pleased to note that the danger of males being left out of parliament posted on this blog a while ago is now being voiced by Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav.  He deserves some respect for this because there are very few politicians who are doing straight talk about provisions of WRB which are a clear infringement on Indian men’s constitutional rights.  So it seems that the message about ills of present women’s reservation bill are spreading and politicians are not afraid to voice them.

He said not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha 10 years after the bill comes into force and advocated quota for the fairer sex within political parties.

"Once the bill comes into force, not a single male would be elected to the Lok Sabha after 10 years as elected women would not leave their seats, nor the political parties would be in a position to replace them," he said.

Advocating reservation for women within political parties instead, Yadav said it should be made mandatory for them to give 15% tickets to women.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gender neutral sexual harassment bill is welcome step

They were buddies at the call centre they worked in. Rohit and Shalini would often party together or go out for a drink as a twosome. But gradually, Rohit started feeling uncomfortable. It seemed that Shalini had other thoughts about their platonic relationship.

One day, Shalini — who is married and has a nine-year-old son — moved to the desk right next to Rohit. Rohit, who is also married, would find her gazing at him between calls. She would brush against him when she passed by.

“Even now, she makes no bones about wanting to sleep with me; she says she’ll book a hotel for the occasion if I agree,” says Rohit, adding that the struggle to stay away from Shalini is taking its toll on him. It worries him that at the call centre in Malad, the two are the daily staple of office gossip.

Does the above scenario seem impossible.  Yet the feminists would have you believe that sexual harassment laws should be made only to benefit women! 


The Bill, which is touted as being gender neutral, proposes the introduction of a new section — 376 (E) — to the Indian Penal Code, 1860, on unlawful sexual acts. “Whoever touches directly or indirectly, with a part of the body or with an object, any part of the body of another person (not being the spouse of such person), with sexual intent and without the consent of such other person, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both,” it says.

The Bill does not specify the sex of the victim. So in effect a man can accuse a woman — or another man — of sexual abuse. But ironically, the Bill has its seeds in the 172nd report of the Law Commission of India, and recommendations drafted by women’s groups around the country, spearheaded by the National Commission for Women (NCW).

When women’s groups lobbied for a stronger law they did not have gender neutrality in mind. They merely wanted to tighten laws on sexual assault. Men who touched women with sexual intent and without consent had to be punished, they said.

Hmmm.. they did not believe that there could be men rights advocates who will fight for laws to be made gender neutral.  Wake up feminists!  Men’s team has shown up in the match, so now you got to make effort, make your play, and only then you can hope to win.

Delhi High Court does historical justice to women by invoking the constitution

In a major boost to women’s rights, the Delhi High Court has ruled that any alleged wrong done to a woman at any time in history can be set right by provisions of Domestic Violence Act  (PWDVA).  Read excerpts of news below:

Allowing Ms Bhanot’s appeal, the court underlined the ‘historical reality’ — that women in our society have been subjected to discrimination, misbehavior and ill-treatment not only outside their house, also inside it.

“Even a working woman — from a construction worker to a qualified professional — is not always treated with respect at home,” Justice Jain said.

The judge has for obvious reasons declined to comment on whether the same situation of discrimination, misbehaviour, and disrespect of women prevails in homes of judges too or not!

It is immaterial whether the “aggrieved person” was living with the husband when the offence was committed.

The important thing is that the woman should feel aggrieved, all other points are trivial in face of ‘historical injustice to women’.

Another news below throws up has some more interesting points:

There is no difference between the women who were subjected to domestic violence before 2005 and those who were later, as any differentiation would tantamount to denying the right of equality before law guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution, the court held.

From henceforth all judgments for all laws in force (esp for women) will be held in retrospective effect from the time the woman was conceived in the womb irrespective from when the law came into force. 

However currently, the courts will not grant relief for grief a woman may have felt in one of her past lives.  The Supreme Court is expected to suggest to government soon to make a constitutional amendment in all women related laws.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally government waking up to abuse of boys

…The other is that there will be redressal for the boy child in cases of molestation. A study by the ministry of women and child development shows that more boys suffer sexual abuse than girls and that one out of two children have suffered some form of molestation usually between the ages of 9 to 12. In the case of boys, only proven sodomy is an offence so far and does not take into account other forms of sexual offences or harassment. Already, the law has evolved mechanisms to lessen the trauma of child victims, providing them the means to have hearings at home. The same goes for women victims of sexual crimes.

So far, the definition of sexual crimes, particularly rape, has been in the context of women and the girl child. This seems to have led to a quantum increase in crimes against the boy child. In Delhi alone, a government study showed that far greater number of boys were abused than girls. This suggests that the boy child has little protection and that offenders have taken advantage of the gaps in the law. So far, the law has not taken other forms of sexual abuse, including verbal, seriously enough. This has encouraged offenders to get away with all manners of abuse short of rape. The next step is to sensitise the police, the first port of call for a victim, of the changes in the law and the need to treat all forms of sexual abuse seriously and in a gender-neutral manner.

Why marriage is a losing game for urban men?

The social reality for any kind of marriage has changed in India, I think after year 2001 or so. (Maybe it coincided with large scale job creation for middle classes).

Now, a woman who earns 1/3rd income of husband and gets housework done through maids etc paid for by husband; still thinks she is in some way superior to husband.  This is the effect of financial freedom (read parasitic freedom) and easy social environment for women in large cities at least.

Some women may actually be doing good work in managing both career and household, but the point I am making is not about contribution to family, but about respect for both spouses in marriage.

For example these days in urban areas, if a woman earns 5K per month, hubby earns 15K per month.  The power equation is not same as if woman earned 0, and hubby earned 10K.

Taking another example, a woman earns 15K per month, hubby earns 45K per month.  The power equation is not same as if woman earned 0, and hubby earned 30K.

In all such cases, woman has become more powerful, due to influence of like minded earning-women, and constant media talk of woman empowerment.  The gender biased laws are the final weapons for unscrupulous women which give them that audacity to go out to police and courts, and create havoc.  Much larger is the number of women who do not openly threaten their husbands but are simply dominating, and disrespectful to their men.  Men at the receiving end of such relationships may continue to suffer the abuse because:

  1. They are used to the marriage, marriage is a one in a lifetime affair for most Indians, and no one is prepared to even think about life after a broken marriage.
  2. Men with children fear for future and upbringing of children in a broken marriage.
  3. Many men are somewhat aware of the gender biased laws which wives/in-laws can use and make men run around courts, lawyers for long time to come, given pathetically slow justice in India.
  4. Men have the burden of manhood thrust on them by society.  A broken marriage casts automatic suspicion on man of being not manly enough in some way to be able to ‘control’ his wife.  Imbecile may be too strong a word, but many men worry about being labelled something close to that if their wife leaves them

Coming back to the analysis, how is a woman earning 15K vs hubby earning 45 K /mth become more powerful than hubby?

Well if she is one of feminist supremacists, she is.

She can file for DV, maintenance etc and expect to get 12-15K per month as maintenance.  Or more likely she will get hubby to knees by threat of legal and criminal cases and extort some financial favour and property etc.

So after maintenance case wife's income: 15K + 12K = 27K
And hubby's income: 45K - 12K = 33 K

Now they have come close to each other in terms of income.  And woman still has sympathy of society because no one is ready to believe yet that Indian women will tell outright lies about marriage.

If she has child with her, she can extract more in name of child, so she now becomes financially equally powerful as husband.

Most Indian courts will give custody to mothers unless the mother does not want custody and leaves child(ren) with husband.  So a man is set to lose both money, property, and children in case a woman is determined even a little bit to stick it to him.  The rest is taken care of by greedy lawyers, corruptible mediators, and a meek judiciary who cannot bear to stand up to women organisations’ (read feminists’) propaganda.

The laws and social reality in cities has tilted in favour of married women who want to bend the system to their will.  The system is ostensibly created to support needy and oppressed women, but in reality laws like Domestic violence act (PWDVA) etc were always meant to be abused to favour female supremacists’ agenda and create income for lawyers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You think feminism made US women happy? Data says just opposite

From a working paper published under aegis of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the happiness level of US women has been declining since 1970 to this date.  The abstract of the article is given below:


By many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.  The paradox of women’s declining relative well- being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.  Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men.  These declines have continued and a new gender gap is emerging—one with higher subjective well-being for men.  

This draft: May 12, 2009   

See graphic from page 35 of paper below:





Overall women do not seem to be doing worse than men, however the positive gap they had in happiness over men in 1970s has been closed in subsequent years.

Another poll graphic on page 36 paints a similar picture:



According to above life satisfaction survey, women were more satisfied than men before 1990 and less so after 1990.

Most convincing is results for US 12th graders as given in graphic on page 37 of paper:


It clearly says that among US 12th graders, men overtook women in happiness/ well-being index around 1985 and have been happier ever since. 

So will the feminists speak up what exactly they have been doing for women’s happiness during last 30-40 years?

Real reason why government wants ‘dowry evil’ to continue!

When there were few deaths of students due to ragging, there was much outcry and government showed its resolve to put an end to ragging by establishing an anti-ragging helpline.  See the information on anti-ragging helpline on website of department of higher education below:

Further the complaints on the number can be made in 10 languages.

Now our government is really ashamed of dowry deaths as per news below:

New Delhi, Mar 16 : Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar today said dowry death is a shame and a blot on the society.

Ms Kumar's observation came during Question Hour.

Earlier, Home Minister P Chidambaram emphasised that people who kill their young wives for the sake of dowry have to be punished.


So after having been ashamed enough, what better can government do to prevent dowry deaths?


You guessed it: start an anti-dowry helpline number in all Indian languages.

Anyone will be able to complain about any dowry giving in any wedding they happen to see.  In fact a small reward can be given to ‘informants’ and their identity can be kept secret so that they don’t have to face the ignominy of possibly breaking a marriage.

Will the government do it?  No.  Indians (parents of bride and bridegroom)  save for marriages and then splurge it around the marriage time.  This spending pattern means that many consumer goods and such industries are highly dependent on marriage spending.  It is in region of 50,000 crores per year and growing at 25% per year as per news below:

According to industry estimates, the Indian wedding market is worth Rs 50,000 crore and is growing at 25 % annually.

Depending on the size and grandeur, a wedding can cost anywhere between Rs 5 lakh-10 crore.

So curbing on dowry would mean all kind of gift-giving will have to be curbed.  That can work in foreign countries where couples save for their own needs for when they get married.  And then they may buy goods slowly over time rather than in one go.  In India however, the marriage spending is done primarily by parents since it is thought of as their responsibility by traditions.

If gift giving is curbed, then many industries will get hit hard and they will not want government to enact any real measure to stop dowry!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hillary Clinton at her sexist best, now targeting India

Here is news of recent speech of Hillary Clinton on women’s and girls’ issues:

Let’s look at the insidious and insistent campaign of feminists crying solely about injustice to women, while being completely silent on the fact that men are not doing any better.

and the continued enhancement of the status of women. “Women’s progress is human progress, and human progress is women’s progress,” she said.

Those words were clearly meant to echo Secretary Clinton’s own words 15 years ago when, as the US first lady, she told the World Conference on Women in Beijing: “Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.”

So earlier Human was meant to be Men + Women.

By new definition of feminists : Human = Woman

How can one be more sexist than that?

But women also encounter harrowing new challenges in some regions, including a spike in politically motivated sexual violence, Clinton said. Meanwhile, other crimes against women – including what she called “gendercide” and forced childhood marriages – remain dark blots on the world.

And if someone only did calculation of how many men have died in innumerable wars in history, including in 20th century, maybe you will come to realize the women were doing relatively much better!


Now, Clinton said that both she and President Obama are working from the perspective that the “subjugation” of women anywhere is a “threat to the national security of the United States, and ... a threat to the world.”

Go figure that one out… subjugation of women anywhere is threat to United States… and it is the same US who was trying to shake hands with “good Taliban” a while back!  I wonder how do the “good Taliban” treat women?

See how Indian judges don’t allow perjury on women!

This judgment below is just one example how the Indian judges treat women as precious commodity.  Read the sentences in bold below to see how the trial court blankly refused to prosecute a woman for perjury in her maintenance case.  The ostensible reason given is so that the parties can avoid undue complication of the matrimonial dispute.  As if people come to court to hug each other!




CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M)

Date of decision: 25-1-2010

Sunny Bhumbla .........Appellant Vs

Shashi .........Respondent CORAM:- HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE HARBANS LAL

Present: Shri K.S.Boparai, Advocate, for the appellant. HARBANS LAL, J.

This appeal is directed against the order dated 5.12.2008 Annexure
P-1 passed by the court of learned Civil Judge (Senior Division) Saheed Bhagat
Singh Nagar vide which he allowed the petition moved under Section 9 of the
Hindu Marriage Act, for restitution of conjugal rights leaving the parties to
bear their own costs and rejected the application moved under Section 195/340

I have heard the learned counsel for the appellant, besides
perusing the record with due care and circumspection. The learned counsel for
the appellant has submitted with great eloquence that after the respondent
admitted in her cross-examination about her employment, salary and inheritance
of the landed property, she again placed on record another affidavit dated
27.8.2008 solemnly affirming therein that she had inadvertently not mentioned
about the source of income as well as employment in the earlier affidavit dated
Thereafter the appellant moved an application under Section 195 of
Cr.P.C. for initiating proceedings against the respondent for submitting a
false affidavit CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 2 before the learned trial Court,
in order to get more maintenance from the appellant. The learned trial Court
had assured the appellant that his said application shall be decided alongwith
the main case.
While deciding the main petition, in paragraph No. 13 of the
judgment it has been observed that "in support of her claim for interim
maintenance under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the
respondent/applicant had made certain assertions, which were found to be
totally false and the same had apparently been done by her in a deliberate
manner. Consequently even an application for initiating suitable proceedings
against her on account of her having submitted a false affidavit was also filed
by the petitioner on 3.9.2008. Thereafter, the respondent did not press her
claim for interim maintenance, but the same did not absolve her of the
liability of the aforesaid lapse. This court, however, does not wish to
initiate any such proceedings against the respondent with the hope that sooner
or later, the parties may be in a position to resolve their dispute or else
this young couple may adopt such other means so that they can part their ways
in a peaceful manner and therefore, with a view to avoid undue complication of
the matrimonial dispute, no action on account of submitting of the above false
affidavit etc. is being initiated against the respondent."

It is further argued that the learned trial Court has overlooked
the fact that the respondent has used the false affidavit in the judicial
proceedings. Therefore, all the ingredients of the offences of cheating,
forging and perjury etc. are made out and consequently, the order passed by the
learned trial Court in not initiating the proceedings under Section 195 read
with Section 340 Cr.P.C. is illegal.

CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 3 I have given a deep and thoughtful
consideration to these submissions.

A careful perusal of the observations rendered by the learned trial
Court in paragraph No. 13 of the impugned judgment would reveal that there is
not even a shred of reference to the application moved under Section 195 read
with Section 340 Cr.P.C. This apart, no specific reasons have been apportioned
for not initiating the action on the basis of the alleged affidavit. The said
application having been moved under the provisions of the Code of Criminal
Procedure was required to be disposed of separately. It was not desirable on
the part of the learned trial Court to decide the said application in a slip
shod manner by making mere passing reference to the alleged affidavit. In the
application moved under Section 340 of the Cr.P.C. if the Court deems fit,the
inquiry has to be held whereas in the present one, the impugned order is
absolutely silent as to whether or not inquiry was held. There is specific
procedure which is to be followed while disposing of an application moved under
Section 340 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Section 340 of the Criminal
Procedure Code reads as under:-

"340.Procedure in cases mentioned in Sec.195--(1) When, upon an
application made to it in this behalf or otherwise any Court is of the opinion
that it is expedient in the interest of justice that an inquiry should be made
into any offence referred to to in cl (b) of sub-section (1) of Section 195,
which appears to have been committed in or in relation to to a proceeding in
that Court, or as the case may be, in respect of of a document produced or
given in evidence in a proceeding in that Court, CRA No. 197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 4
such Court may, after such preliminary inquiry, if any, as it thinks necessary.

(a) record a finding to that effect.

(b) make a complaint thereof in writing

(c) send it to a Magistrate of the first class having jurisdiction.

(d) take sufficient security for the appearance of the accused before
such Magistrate, or if the alleged offence is non- bailable and the Court
thinks it necessary so to do, send the accused in custody to such Magistrate;
and (e) bind over any person to appear and give evidence before such

(2) The power conferred on a Court by sub-section (1) in respect of an
offence may, in any case where that Court has neither made a complaint under
sub-section (1) in respect of that offence nor rejected an application for the
making of such complaint, be exercised by the Court to which such former Court
is subordinate within the meaning of sub-section (4) of Sec.195.

(3) A complaint made under this section shall be signed (a)
where the Court making complaint is a High Court, by such officer of the Court
as the Court may appoint.

(b) in any other case, by the presiding officer of the Court,

(4) In this section, "Court" has the same meaning as in CRA No.
197 SB of 2010 (O&M) 5 Sec.195."

A glance through the impugned order would reveal that the learned
trial Court has given a go by to the provisions of Section 340 Cr.P.C. The
approach adopted by the learned trial Court is unwholesome and is depreciable.
The impugned order is absolutely silent as to whether the application has been
dismissed or allowed, if so for which reasons. In consequence of the preceding
discussion the trial Court is directed to decide the application under
discussion in accordance with law. This appeal stands disposed of accordingly.



January 25, 2010


NOTE: Whether to be referred to the Reporter or not? Yes/No

Women empowerment – Chinese way

Some Chinese women have taken to dancing on streets in underwear in a bid to attract men/husbands.  And I thought the sex-ratio in China was skewed towards men, so actually it should be men doing a show on the street to attract women for marriage!

Well girls, don’t blame men if you can’t find husbands.

A group of masked women caused controversy in China by dancing in the street in their underwear in a bid to find husbands.

The eight young women said they were coming under intense pressure from their families to settle down before "it was too late".
They braved the weather to strip down to their bras and pants outside a subway station in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, and danced for passers-by.

The girls handed out sheets of paper with their personal details and the kind of men they hoped to marry, reports Guangzhou Daily.
And they held boards with slogans such as: 'Brother, marry me!', 'My mom is pushing me for marriage!', and 'Time flies, let's date!'.

Could women take over the whole parliament excluding men?

Someone sent this analysis of Women’s reservation bill in its present form, wherein seats are reserved for women candidates only by rotation in every election.  It does look like a scary scenario, given the fact that as of now, a woman candidate has higher chance of being elected (1 in 12) compared to a man (1 in 15) in Lok Sabha.  So although only few women candidates stand for elections right now, the electorate has shown a preference for women candidates overall.  It could also be that since only few women candidates are given tickets by political parties, these few women are better candidates compared to men.


The WRB rotation formula is a big conspiracy of radical feminists.

Consider Below:
33% Reservation to women means

Consider the case with only 3 seats(suppose there are only 3 seats in parliament)

after WRB becomes a law

First seat reserved so any woman and only woman will be elected.

SECOND ELECTION after 5 years
First seat will be open seat now but again the woman who won earlier could contest this seat and most likely to win if she has done good work for constituency.

The 2nd seat is reserved for woman so only woman will win on this seat . SO AFTER 5 YEARs there will be 2 women against these 3 seats and its 66%.

THIRD ELECTION after 10 years
Now the women earlier contested on 1 & 2nd seats in earlier election will be having strong possibility of winning if they have served the constituency well.

Now the 3rd seat will be reserved for women so only women can win. So in all the 3 seats there will be women and its 99% women.
So after (3 elections) 15 years there will be hardly any male parliamentarian in idle situation.

This is the actual rationale behind this WRB. Now those (Males) who are with the Women reservation please apply mind and act accordingly.


Although this could be scary scenario for men candidates, however the assumption in above analysis is that the women candidates always do good work for constituency when they were elected on woman-only seat, so that the electorate rewards them next time when they stand for same seat which is now open to men and women.  So if women are winning by doing good work, then why the hell there is need for reserving seats?  Let political parties give enough seats to women (say at least 33%) to contest and let it be a be a fair match while upholding democratic values too.

Only feminists can see permanent halo around women

According to news of this Feb 2009 report from United Nations, women are the majority of traffickers in almost a third of 155 nations surveyed by UN.  This goes to show that both genders have their share of human weaknesses and crime, and one should not assume blindly that world will be a better place if only more women were in political power, in corporate leadership, as CEOs or whatever else feminists want you to believe.

Women are the majority of traffickers in almost a third of the 155 nations the U.N. surveyed. They accounted for more than 60 percent of the human trafficking convictions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

For many, human trafficking is a world they had been pulled into themselves.

"Women commit crimes against women, and in many cases the victims become the perpetrators," Antonio Maria Costa, director of the Vienna-based U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, said in an interview. "They become the matrons of the business and they make money. It's like a drug addiction."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Increase women representation, don’t create quotas

Karan Thapar has succinctly put the problems of Women Reservation Bill (WRB) in its current form, in an article here.

First, as a principle, reservations cause offence because they amount to discrimination. India accepts that the scheduled castes and tribes (SC/ST), given their special history, deserve reservations. No such consensus exists for women.

Second, on top of 22.5 per cent for SC/ST, 33 per cent for women (although some of it would overlap) would push up total reservations in the Lok Sabha to around 48 per cent. It means non-SC/ST men (78 per cent of the male population) can only contest 52 per cent of the Lok Sabha seats! Is this acceptable in a democracy?

Third, the way these 33 per cent seats are to be reserved will undermine the key relationship in a parliamentary democracy between an MP and his/her constituency. This is because they are reserved for only one out of a set of three elections. Clearly, therefore, the winning women MPs will have limited incentive to nurture their constituencies. Indeed, this could also apply to the MPs they replace. That’s possibly 66 per cent of the Lok Sabha!

The solution is disarmingly simple as several people have mentioned and Thapar also outlines below.  It is just that the political parties are used to making simple issues into complex beasts, and then indulge in name calling each other trying to fool people that they are doing it all in people’s interests.  Maybe there is a political mindset in India that every problem has to be solved by creating a quota of some kind in favour of the people who demand their rights.

But perhaps the best way is to emulate Tony Blair. In 1997 he increased the number of women candidates fielded by the Labour party, ensuring that over 100 were elected. In our case the Representation of People’s Act could be amended, requiring parties to field a minimum percentage of women candidates.

To ensure political parties don’t circumvent the spirit of this requirement by choosing women for unwinnable seats — e.g. the Samajwadi Party fulfilling the law by fielding women from Tamil Nadu, where they stand no chance of winning — the amendment could say that the percentage has to be implemented state-wise.

Killed men is no big deal, raped women is so bad!

Yes only feminazis can argue in that kind of ‘logic’.  The societal structure of male disposability says that a male’s death is not to be worried about because:

  1. In case he was a criminal he only got what he deserved.  It is no one’s consideration to figure out how he got to become a criminal in first place.
  2. In case he died in line of duty as police or soldier, then again he died for family, society, country and so on.  So we can pay respect to the martyr and move on.

It is not bad that a 100 men die, but a woman must not die.  It is up to men to wake up to the stupid propaganda.

my eye immediately focused in on a single-sentence paragraph in the middle:
“In Iraq, women serving in the military are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.”

No mention by Valenti that that deaths of American military guys in the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has outnumbered female military deaths 4,754 to 116.   That’s right:  guys have  been in more than 95% of the body bags.

Vallenti’s ludicrous comparison, which among other flawed logic equates rape with being killed, prompted my comment to the Post:  “Of course, if the military had been using women in hand-to-hand combat, those stats would surely have more than evened out.  Somehow I don’t think that’s [Valenti's] point.“  I went on to again propose that our military become all female, in fairness to the women who were not allowed to get killed and maimed in wars for the past 200 years.

Apparently, the Post pulled my comment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do men see societal structures oppressing them?

There is a nice article here on discussion about structures in society and how feminism is able to exploit discussion around societal structures well to benefit their cause.  Why are men unable to look at some of societal structures as being harmful to men or putting too much burden on them?  I guess the reason is men are trained to be self-reliant and in protector and provider mindset most of the time.  So read about some of the societal expectations about men (some of them true more in West) as given in the article.

In the field of gender issues, this means that the only way to combat misandry and the prevailing perception that men are a privileged group that willfully oppresses women, is to describe how cultural and societal structures keep men stuck in their own kind of straitjacket:

  • It is a man’s job to keep society safe. This cultural expectation means that men are expendable in wars and in dangerous jobs.
  • Cultural expectations of men are narrow. Be successful. If you have a family make sure you support it. If you fail at these tasks, there’s no place for you in society. This in turn leads to men being 3-5 times as likely as women to be homeless or commit suicide.
  • The societal structure that is our educational system produces far more women than men who go to college and university.
  • Men’s harsh reality under the current structures leads large amounts of random street violence between men.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Husband can’t rape wife, but you can marry woman you raped!

No.  I did not make that one up.  Read the news below, and figure out for yourselves:

Should a rape victim be allowed to marry the man who destroyed her self-esteem? “Yes,” feels chief justice of India KG Balakrishnan. “No,” indicates popular wisdom.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day on Monday, the government plans to protect women from all possible tormentors, including their husbands, by introducing “marital rape” as a separate provision under the proposed new law against rape and sexual assault.

I could say as in the IDEA advertisement -- “kya idea hai sirji”, except in this case it is hardly funny.

If one thinks about the 2 diametrically opposite views expressed by experts above, it will become clear the the sole idea is to allow women to express their choice without legal repercussions, howsoever reprehensible that choice may seem by social standard of conduct.

For example, a woman can file rape case on a man in case of broken promise of marriage.  But a man cannot file any case of fraud, cheating of money on woman in case of broken promise of marriage, leave alone rape.  The woman is now being given the option by judiciary of changing her mind again at judicial stage and get married to the rape accused!  Why I always loved my rapist!

A married woman can accuse man of rape at any time of marriage.  Of course, there was no notary public present at the time the alleged event happened, so the man will be made to run around to arrange bail, then to prove his innocence, and so on.  And the woman could always condone the rape against husband based on some settlement, say some property or money in her name!  After all, judiciary is quite open to condoning non-marital rape, they will only be too glad to condone an alleged marital rape.

A man who is forced to give presents or money to wife who does not fulfil her promises cannot accuse her of marital robbery, or marital cheating, or marital fraud etc.  But a wife will now be allowed to accuse husband of marital rape, because her rights must be protected.  And her rights are whatever she wants at the moment, there should be no reciprocity of rights when it comes to man-woman relationship, that is so 19th century ….right?

Saner voices on women representation appearing now

Shiv Sena, an ally of NDA, which voted for the Women’s Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha, on Thursday said it will oppose it if marshals were called in and force was used to pass the measure in Lok Sabha.

Senior party leader and former Lok Sabha Speaker Manohar Joshi said the party is not opposed to 33 per cent reservation for women but constituencies should not be reserved and instead it should be made mandatory for the parties to give 33 per cent reservation to women.

It is becoming evidently clear to all MPs that the lottery based system of reservation of constituencies is probably one of the most lunatic ideas to be tried in a democratic setup anywhere.  Certainly a large country like India with 16% of world’s population cannot afford to try such a system of elections.

Sharad Joshi in Rajya Sabha has valid points against WRB


NEW DELHI: The only member in Rajya Sabha, who voted against the Women's Reservation Bill to provide one-third of all seats in India's parliament for women, was Sharad Joshi of a little-known party Shetkari Sangathana of Maharashtra.

He said he supported women's empowerment but the bill would only prove fatal to Indian democracy, as two-third of the elected representatives would be inexperienced.

He also stressed that the two-third of the MPs and MLAs would lose interest in serving their constituencies as they would be unsure of a second term, and that includes all female representatives. It will be fatal if the MPs and MLAs lose interest in public service, the cause for which they enter politics, he added. "Has the reservation actually ever benefited any of the targeted communities? Our experience has not been very pleasant," Joshi affirmed while advocating a system of proportional representation instead of a party list that would solve all the problems linked with reservation.

Rotation: Joshi said the bill provides for a rotation system that will create practical problems and damage democracy, adding that the idea that was ignored by the advocates of women's empowerment.

"Moreover, once a woman is elected, she would know that she does not stand a chance of getting the `woman reserved constituency' again. Therefore, she would not be equally enthusiastic about serving the constituency," Joshi said, pointing out that the same would be the case with male MPs and MLAs as half of their constituencies would be reserved for women in the next elections. A major effect of this predicament would be that all the constituencies would be poorly nursed. This kind of reservation will make it impossible for any House to have more than 33 percent "repeaters" anytime, he added.

Benefits of patriarchy – boy gets counselled instead of rapist female teacher

It can happen only in India.  The feminists are always up in arms against any kind of patriarchy they deem to be oppressing women. 

What do they have to say about the benefits of patriarchy to women, when a 15 year old boy is held responsible for running away with his 21 year old female teacher!

15 year old boy gets counselling for eloping with 21 year old female teacher!

Police says there is no proof of the two getting married.  Wow!  I wonder what the police will say if the story was like this:

15 year old girl runs away and gets married with 21 year old male teacher!

Surely the male teacher will get slapped with all kinds of charges including rape of minor, abduction, illegal confinement, and so on. 

But the feminists will never want women empowerment to reach a stage where women can be held responsible for their actions and crimes.  After all, it is female supremacy they are after, not women empowerment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women do have their uses

Celebrities get attracted to feminists’ propaganda of women empowerment but are unable to see the sinister undercurrent of male hatred and female supremacy.  For example, in news below, Suhasini Maniratnam says that “men do have their uses”.

Actor Suhasini Mani Ratnam spoke from her own experiences: “I was born in a part of Tamil Nadu notorious for eliminating the girl child. I was the third daughter born to my parents and I have my mother to thank for deciding that I was not an unwanted child.” She acknowledged the men who played a positive role in her life, including her husband, director Mani Ratnam: “Men do have their uses!” she said.

Of course, it was men who did not stand in the way of ‘women empowerment’, but if women continue to propagate their hatred of men in garb of women rights, then the day is not far when men will start to proclaim – “women do have their uses” with a smirk on their face.

CEDAW: or how I invited UN to destroy my family and country

The flyer below from RADAR gives the basic information about the nefarious designs and activities of organisations affiliated to United Nations.

CEDAW is a treaty promoted by the United
Nations. CEDAW stands for the Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against

CEDAW has a committee of 23 U.N. “gender
experts” that enforce compliance with the treaty.
These are some of the enforcement actions the
committee has taken in recent years:
•  Told China to de-criminalize prostitution.
•  Criticized Ireland for the role of religion in
•  Censured Belarus for observing Mother’s Day.

Concerned Women for America warned, “CEDAW
is fundamentally flawed…The United States should
not give our prestige, nor subject our citizens, to

When a UN’s convention aims to de-criminalize prostitution and also censure Mother’s Day at the same time, you know who is behind it – the feminazis and female supremacists.

And the Domestic Violence industry (the bureaucracy, lawyers, judiciary) wants us to believe that families are the worst oppressors of women:

The Department of Justice reports that only 2% of
aggressive incidents between partners involve
married couples who live together.

The intact family is the safest place for women and men.

But the well-financed domestic violence industry
wants you to believe the opposite – that the best
way to stop abuse is to break up families.

The most tragi-comic incident is hardly credulous, but you have to stretch your beliefs when dealing with the feminazis:

Talk-show host David Letterman was accused of
committing domestic violence against a woman that he
had never met or heard of. A New Mexico judge
granted a restraining order against Letterman on the
grounds that he had harassed the woman with mental
telepathic messages and televised facial gestures. The
case was eventually dismissed.

i-VAWA is all Woozles

The RADAR organisation has published several flyers against international VAWA (Violence against Women Act), an act which aims to export the much-successful policies of family-breaking and social upheaval of western feminists to other countries, now that their captive markets have seen saturation and backlash.

What is a a woozle:

A “woozle” is a one-sided or fictitious claim
designed to influence public opinion. Many
woozles are found in the proposed International
Violence Against Women Act:

The Woozles from above flyer are:

  1. Only women are victims of domestic violence
  2. When women engage in partner violence, it is typically done in self-defence
  3. Domestic violence is caused by abusers’ need for power and control
  4. Society condones violence against women
  5. There is no cause for concern for violence against men

NCW facing resistance from Family oriented organisations

Accusing the National Commission of Women (NCW) of being "biased", three national level organisations that are active in combating dowry harassment and other atrocities against women, said the body "should change its name to the national commission of daughters-in-law".

You bet!  there can be other possible names for NCW like:

  1. National Commission for Wives
  2. National Commission for Promoting Feminism
  3. National Commission for Family-Destruction
  4. National Commission for Young Reproductive Females (who are so crucial to feminazis’ cause)

Also from the news:

"India should be prevented from becoming an anti-marriage, anti-family, fatherless 'welfare state'. Laws and policies must be based on the principles of equity and fairness and not on radical feminist ideologies and false statistics. The feminist culture of mass irresponsibility should be done away with", said Manjit Puri coordinator of APMPA's local unit.

It is clearly feminist influence on NCW that it pushes for changes in laws which absolve young reproductive women of all responsibilities relating to marriage, relationships, or children.  On the other hand it pushes for laws which pronounce men as guilty before trial and beholden to give their life and liberty away for feminists’ cause of providing money to the State so that irresponsible young reproductive women can be taken care of by State, at men’s expense.

70% of all BJP MPs are opposed to Women Reservation Bill 

“At least seventy per cent of MPs are protesting against the women’s reservation Bill and the way the party supported the Bill despite marshals being used in Rajya Sabha. Top leaders of the party have assured that grievances of the MPs will be taken into account,” Bais told The Indian Express, adding that Murli Manohar Joshi and Yashwant Sinha had already held the first round of discussions.

I would not be too surprised at such a statistic.  After all, the resentment against 33% women’s reservation has been suppressed only because of overall media championing and political-correctness of the ‘cause’ of women empowerment.  No body of any importance wants to be seen voicing opinion against women reservation in parliament, because they will be labelled as Neanderthals, or male chauvinist pig, or something like that.

Countries like Germany have women reservation in parliament but it is not by proposed lottery system of making a constituency reserved.  The political parties there have to make sure 30% or so of women candidates are selected by them to represent people.

Evidently, the masters of our fate have decided that giving responsibility of ensuring women’s representation to political parties will not work!  It is a strange argument where the politicians attempt to ignore a much better legislation on the ground that they are incompetent to practise the much better law.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NCW harassing women, is that news to me?

NCW is known to harass women, I mean not the young women of reproductive age but everyone else who is related to a man as sister, mother etc.  But this allegation of harassment has come not from those women but from ex-NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh.

New Delhi, February 26, 2010

Women are being harassed by the National Commission of Women itself, former member Nirmala Venkatesh alleged on Thursday. She held chairperson Girija Vyas responsible.

Pointing to the recent resignation of Neeva Konwar from the commission, Venkatesh said she too was a victim.

Venkatesh alleged that Vyas and member secretary S. Chatterjee "conspired and suppressed" inquiry reports submitted by her and Konwar and then blamed them for dereliction of duty and not filing reports in time.

"The commission should be renamed the National Commission of Women for Harassment," Venkatesh said. She appealed to the Prime Minister to take a serious note of the issue and demanded the resignation of Vyas.

Konwar, wife of Bihar governor Devanand Konwar, had resigned from the commission on February 12. She had alleged that some NCW officials conspired against her and did not table a report submitted by her.

Vyas rubbished the allegations.

" I work up to 18 hours a day," she said adding that it was well known there was an ongoing dispute between Venkatesh and Renuka Chowdhury. Venkatesh had been sacked following last year's Mangalore pub incident which she was inquiring into. She was accused of leaking the report to the media before submitting it to the commission.

Venkatesh refuted the charge alleging that Chatterjee and Vyas had deliberately concealed her report even as the then women and child development minister Chowdhury repeatedly demanded to see it.

Even if Venkatesh's claims are a bit too late, the state of affairs at the commission is hardly commendable.

NCW trying to become more powerful and more pathetic

Now NCW wants to be able to prosecute men, even in criminal complaints!  This could be a long dreamt wish come true for diehard men-hating Indian feminists.  Unfortunately for them, there will be definitely some people in government with brains who will not allow a quasi-women rights body to assume powers of criminal justice system.

A bigger and stronger National Commission for Women to ensure implementation of women-related laws and investigation of complaints is in the offing.

As of now, the women rights watchdog has powers of a civil court but cannot investigate complaints or prosecute accused and initiate action against those who refuse to follow NCW orders, thereby rendering it toothless.

This is set to change with Women and Child Development minister Krishna Tirath seeking 24 changes in the NCW Act, 1990, bringing it at par with National Human Rights Commission and National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

“Millions of women look up to the institution for day-to-day support. It is very necessary to scale up the institution’s capacity and infrastructure,” Tirath said in a letter written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 9. “We need to make NCW vibrant, dynamic body, capable to address women's issues more effectively and intensely.”

Oh please… millions of women look to NCW for day to day support?  We know that feminism and hyperbole go hand in hand, but at least tell some lies which can be gulped easily by public without bursting the food pipe.

The amendment proposed in the NCW Act, once enacted, would change how the commission works.  The government also proposes to give NCW power to prosecute a person, against whom evidence of committing a criminal offence against a woman is found. “The amendment will provide succour to women who fail to get justice from existing government institutions,” a ministry official said.

Evidence of committing a criminal offence?  So now NCW will assume powers of courts of finding evidence, conducting a trial, punishing the guilty and so on.  Keep dreaming you nutty feminists!

It has also suggested that tenure of the chairperson and members should be for minimum three years. The chairperson would be of the rank of Cabinet Secretary and members of Secretary.

So grabbing some power is the real reason isn’t it.  I mean if this sole demand was met, all the rest could as well go to the dustbin.  NCW chairperson is so eager to be treated on par with cabinet secretaries, the highest bureaucratic post in government!

Tirath has sought PM’s approval to appoint Kapila Vatsayan, a Rajya Sabha member, as a head of the committee to consider suggestions to make NCW a “vibrant and a meaningful body”. The ministry also plans to hold a meeting of all former chairpersons and members of NCW and presents members of State Commissions for Women to draw a strategy for making women commissions a powerful body to ensure women emancipation.

When men forgive women

This 19 Feb news of 2 Iranian women assaulting police officers in Bangalore was was covered in all Bangalore papers.

What is interesting is one of the assaulted cops saying he has forgiven the women.   Nothing wrong in that per se, after all this is reputedly the country of Mahatma Gandhi and Ahimsa parmo dharma.  Let us get a glimpse of the events:

She allegedly broke open the side box of Rao’s patrol bike and took back the insurance documents her friend had handed him. Fazile allegedly tried to drive away in the car. Rao closed the barricade. Police say she then assaulted Rao all over his body and kicked his private parts.

She also bit him on his hand and punched his face. Fatima also assaulted Rao.

Rao fell after he was kicked on his private parts and sat on the road median. Other motorists came to Rao’s rescue and some damaged the girls’ car.



“Forgiveness is the best revenge. I am ready to forgive the women. But as a government servant, I will go by whatever my senior police officers want me to do,” he said. My family saw the news on TV. “They telephoned me and started crying
after they learnt that I had been assaulted.”

All this is fine, I wonder what would have been the public reaction if it was 2 male drunk drivers stopped by a female cop, and then the cop was assaulted by one of the male drivers!  Maybe a push on her chest will automatically qualify as sexual assault, whereas a woman kicking male cop in the groin is all game!  It is difficult to think a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness on her part, and that apart the men themselves will come to her defence.