Sunday, April 11, 2010

Women organisations and Domestic Violence industry exposed in Shoaib Malik case

So you could never believe that many claims of domestic violence by women are nothing but a way to extort money from men using helpful legal fraternity, media, and judiciary to their advantage?  You need proof, right?  You are an intelligent person, who can think for themselves, and you care enough for women empowerment to waste your time listening to this lunatic fringe of so called men rights activists who have coined the phrase domestic violence industry?  So read the story below.

Mediators in Shoaib-Ayesha settlement want share of 15-cr pie

People who came across as well-wishers during her moment of crisis are turning tormentors for Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik's first wife Ayesha Siddiqui. Reason: They think Ayesha made Rs 15 crore from her ex-husband Shoaib Malik and they want their pound of flesh.

Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front, who had filed a suit with the State Human Rights Commission on Ayesha's behalf, says she expects 10 per cent of the rumoured Rs 15 crore settlement for her crucial role in resolving the crisis.

Kyon paisa paisa karti hai? Shiraj Sareen Khan, president of the United Women Front said she wants the money for her organisation, not herself. Pic/AFP

"I don't want money for myself. All I want is a donation for our organisation, which is fighting for vulnerable women like Ayesha. I heard that Shoaib gave Rs 15 crore to Ayesha before he signed the divorce papers. If this is true, at least 10 per cent of the amount should be donated to our organisation," said Shiraj Khan.

So she does not want money for herself, but donation for her organisation!  Great, such selfless thoughts on her part, right?  DEAD WRONG.  This is exactly how the domestic violence industry works.  These women organisations ‘help’ women to file false cases of domestic violence, child abuse, any worse possible cruelty you can dream about which can be done to women/children.  They again ‘help’ during the extortion negotiations and take their cut or share of the final money paid by the hostage who pays the ransom to free himself/ family members from false cases.  You will never know how that money will be divided amongst the members of that women organisations.  Basically, a few top members along with some lawyers probably will take the lion’s share of the whole sum.  The rest will go to fund propaganda, organise activism etc to ensure that more women in future can be attracted to approach this woman organisation and can be ‘helped’ in similar ways.

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