Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Congress and BJP MPs scuttle seat reservation for women

This had to happen, but it took that long because no-one in their stupid political correct mind (read: cowardly mind) could take on the notion that women empowerment and women reservation in parliament need not be done by trampling on democratic rights of people to contest elections, and citizens to choose their candidates.

Congress left isolated on women's quota

NEW DELHI: The women's bill seems to be going nowhere. On Monday, BJP offered to consider the option of letting political parties implement the 33% quota while Congress's own allies Trinamool Congress, NCP and National Conference urged that the objections of Yadav leaders should not be brushed aside.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, while reiterating the party's support for the quota bill, told an all-party meeting that if unanimity could be built on political parties implementing the quota by way of ticket distribution, with the process being overseen by the Election Commission, the BJP was prepared to consider such an option.

So finally a large party like BJP has woken to the realities that whatever nonsense the media might spread about women empowerment through seat reservation, the right way to ensure women representation in parliament is by political parties ensuring at time of ticket allocation to enough women candidates!

If the BJP positioning -- perhaps a reflection of deep discontent among its Lok Sabha MPs -- was a surprise, Congress's allies like Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee batted strongly for the Yadavs, urging that interests of the "weaker sections" not be overlooked. With NCP and National Conference also chipping in, government does not seem to be in a position to bring the bill to Lok Sabha.

Finally some men in parliament said enough is enough and we can’t allow our seats to be taken away from us after doing the hard work (or so we hope) in nurturing the constituency.

The BJP's shift seems dictated by a virtual vertical split in the saffron outfit against the quota legislation. But it strikes a chord with male MPs across party lines like Congress who may not speak in the open. It also aligned the party with Shiv Sena which made a similar plea.

Ha ha … a politician is a politician, and there are so many males in parliament that they had to get together to scuttle the bill.  It is really the male members of Congress and BJP who have come together on the issue and BJP has been made the face of this new suggestion.

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