Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indira Jaising with her feminazi logic, read and appreciate

The additional solicitor general of India, Indira Jaising who is also a prominent feminazi writes about women in parliament, but the article betrays the warped and perverse mentality of all feminists.

Tomorrow we will see the power of women in Parliament

It came as a shock to me that in most developed countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, women constitute not more than 5 per cent of elected representatives in parliamentary bodies.

I also learnt that women do not receive equal pay for equal work in these countries.

Indeed, while reporting on the Netherlands, the minister said that women 'choose' home-based part-time work as part of their right to choose to stay home with their children!

Go easy on the exclamation mark woman.  It is a woman’s choice how she wants to divide her time between work and children.

On the other hand, Rwanda, which had emerged out of genocide and would be expected to be backward by all economic parameters, had 58 per cent women as elected representatives in parliament.

This was thanks to the provision in their constitution for reservation for women. It was then that I realised that there was no relationship between development and gender justice and that development does not necessarily lead to equality for women.

Development leads to more prosperity and opportunity for everyone including women, but the feminazis are usually worried only about female supremacy and not really justice for females.

Critics there too argued that they would have to appoint 'escort girls' to the board, as men here argue that women in panchayats would have pati-panchs deputing for them as an argument against reservations. These and many others are self-serving arguments, intended to preserve privilege.

Henceforth all privileges will be granted only to female supremacists, who have no accountability except they were females by birth and it is their privilege to have privileges by way of their gender.

We have finally woken up to the realisation that the demands of equal representation for women cannot be denied for another century or more. An equal society means a society in which men and women have equal opportunity in all walks of life, including political representation.

Funny you should say equal opportunity, when a man cannot stand for election from reserved seats for women, but a woman can fight election either on reserved seat or on open seats.  It will be equal opportunity when there were reserved seats for men too!

The sheer numbers of women to be seen in Parliament in the very near future will form a critical mass, never before seen in any country in the world save a few which have chosen the path of reservation for women.

And the feminists are secretly gloating that what they could never do in US or Europe, they may be able to do in India.

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