Monday, April 5, 2010

Shoaib episode: Indian feminists rubbing their hands with glee

In Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik episode, some people think about it as marriage of celebrities, some think about whether it will do something good to Indo-Pak relations and so on.  But there is a curious species on this planet which only seems to be interested in getting men behind bars – and you guessed it right, it goes by the name Indian feminists.

Friends find Siddiqui family’s tactics strange

From the above news story, this is what a women’s organisation representative has to say:

Women activists Deccan Herald spoke to agree it is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.

It is a complex case and they are happy they don’t have to deal with it.  Am I surprised?  When were feminists dealing with issues of substance, except heaping insults and hatred on men in general in the name of injustice to women?  Further this is what a woman who works for tribal women and children has to say:

Dr Rukmini Rao who heads Gramya that works amidst tribal women and children said if Ayesha is to be believed that she had undergone mental torture as Shoaib wanted her to lose weight, then under Indian law he could be arrested.

So this woman and child empowerment expert thinks in her expert opinion that if an Indian man wants wife to lose weight, then her wife is right in filing a “mental torture” (better known as IPC 498a) case on husband, and husband can be arrested!  Bravo…. hope you are doing some real good work for the tribal women and children.

“If Shoaib was an ordinary citizen, if he was not a cricketing star and and not a Muslim, he would be behind bars.What he has done is absolutely illegal and unwarranted. Being an icon he should set an example,” she said.

So the feminists have given away their secret sauce which they use to repress Indian men’s freedoms and liberty.  One – you should be ordinary citizen, Two – you should not be cricketing star, Three – you should not be a Muslim; and going by these criteria at least 80% of Indian men will be eligible for special treatment made for men by Indian feminazis.  There you have the perfect ingredients for any Indian woman to torture and repress his husband using Indian laws and judiciary to her advantage.

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